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Synchro Bias, from Albany Western Australia

Synchro~Bias Oct 5, 2015

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Mar 30, 2017 at 11:27 AM
    1. RustyNailed6
      hi thx for info r771 at looks seems ok..if anything r777 possibly also suss thou .. im a learner here did you know what the colour band would of been for r780 and i cant tell at all .. i have an older technics amp i was gunna rob it from but dont know the colours... thx .
    2. RustyNailed6
      hi im wondering if i could pick your brain a bit :) iv got a love of yours a su-g50 no lights no sound power threw fuse's and relay clicks in but not nothing else..i been reading your older posts and to me im thinking r780 , its real pale and no colours really left on it .. and the leg is blackish...would that be enough to be the party killa and if so what colour's was it so i can mach it up plss ..thx .. :)
      1. RustyNailed6
        PS.. it was pumping sounds and it just died i believe..b4 i got it ...
        Mar 9, 2017
      2. SVI2004A
        R780 is 1/2 watt 18 ohm

        Also check R771 1/2 watt 12 ohm
        Mar 9, 2017
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    3. JarredCrowe
      Hello sir, You're clearly rather savvy when it comes to Technics gear so here I am.
      I recently picked up a euro su-v9 for a pittance and am curious of something. I have it set to 120V, cleaned the controls heavily and now it seems to work well/sound excellent. However the transformer seems to get pretty warm over time. The area over the heat sinks don't get warm at all by comparison. Is this normal?
      1. SVI2004A
        It's not unusual... quite a few of my amps are like that... If your line voltage is 120v or under I wouldn't worry about it.
        Feb 28, 2016
      2. JarredCrowe
        Ok good, thank you. I just wanted to be sure. Also the "new class A" doesn't light on the face plate, are they usually dodgy?
        Feb 28, 2016
      3. SVI2004A
        Often they fail after moving around..... Old filaments in bulbs that age do let go from shock. 12 v axials will Dee that right again.... V909 amps on the other hand quit when the bulbs do as they feed the microprocessor/icq controller
        Mar 2, 2016
    4. Audi0
      I seen your post where you took the output transistors out of a technics su-v8 and replaced them with something else. I have a technics suv8 with bad output transistors what would you recommend.
      1. SVI2004A
        Hiya... Sanken 2SA1494 and 2SC3858 are what I use, bets to do the whole channel so it's all matched.
        Dec 22, 2015
      2. Audi0
        thx for the info. 1 whole side needs the transistors the other is fine.
        Dec 23, 2015
    5. SVI2004A
    6. Miki M.
      Miki M.
      Hi SVI,
      I read your comprehensive post about Technics amps. It seems you are real fan and expert of Technics amps.
      Recently I bought SU-A800MK2. I wanted some dedicated amp to replace my previous stereo receiver SA-GX 100L.
      Sound is good as I'm not too demanded user but I'm not sure how better it is compared to my previous piece. I expected to be amazed but more-less sound is similar. I would say the same flavour vocals are bit better. I think that tone controls are better too.
      I listen it through Technics SB-C350. These have been working fine with the receiver. Some people say that su-a800 deserves much better speakers.
      What is your opinion about su-a800? Do you this amp can show more with some better speakers and if so, what would you recommend?

      Best regards

    7. jay_mci
      i have a question about the technics SA-560 does it have an integrated phono stage or would i need a separate amp to listen to my turntable
    8. Blink_PT

      I saw that is an expert in Technics and need your help.

      I have a Technics SU-X102 connected with a Tuner ST-X302L.

      These two devices turn On/Off the RAK-SC304W integral control, and controls the volume the amplifier.

      My question is this, the SU-X102 is "new ClassA", the tuner ST-X302L is not.

      There will be some tuner "New Class A" better than this, but you can connect to the remote control system at the rear.

      I also have a question regarding the SU-X102, the ones I have seen on the net do not have a fan behind, but mine has!

      Thanks and best regards
    9. Black Maria
      Black Maria
      Hello. You are a complete wealth of information, thank you for helping make Audio Karma a great source of audio knowledge! I am hoping you can help me out with a question I should know the answer to, but I have some medical related memory issues... I have a Technics SU-V660, have loved it for years powering my old school Polks. I recently acquired a pair of Cerwin Vega Re38 which are 4 ohms, I know my amp can be used in 4 ohm applications but I am unable to figure out how this would work. Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated.
    10. Nicowico
    11. Daunia 70
      Daunia 70
      Many thanks and cheers for the message.
      I first got interested back in around 81/82 when my nan gave me an Optonico hi-fi for my birthday.I was 12/13 and still at school at the time,but it gave me so much enjoyment.My very first 45 inch record i bought to play on it was "Baggy Trousers" by Madness.When i left school (85) i first started buying/collecting gear.But sadly in the early 90's my interest waned,then ended up selling loads of gear off which i really regret now.Around early 2005 my interest came back big time (nostalgia methinks) to this very day,so now always visit/search Ebay/S/H/charity/pawn shops etc looking for more gear to buy.
      Best regards
    12. 87RangerXLT
      Yes the AD260B Is very good. I was not expecting it to be that good for the size, but then I lifted it up and though it may be worth getting. The amp, EQ, and tuner came home with me for a whole $20. I am very happy with it, I can have it very loud and can tell it is not even trying. I really like it, I wish you luck in finding one.
    13. Kiwi
      hey , Its a SU-V6
    14. stereorob
      just got your request, whats up?
    15. Synchro-bias
    16. SVI2004A
      Thats Us! - i agree.... Justin / Optic is a hard one to track down... i too miss our forum, its good to see youre still around :)
    17. AK 47
      AK 47
      SV12004A? Baily? Conversing with SammyMac? Are you guys the Down Under thunders from the 'used to be' Technics Forum......I was hoping one of you would put the thing back on! So glad to still see you around....Chuck (techidaho=AK 47)
    18. Synchro-bias
    19. SVI2004A
      id use 2SA1494 / 2SC3858

      i have one using these
    20. innof
      Hello to you from Canada & Hope that all is well. I read in an older post that you had experienced some troble with your Technics SE-A3 amplifier. I, unfortunately, find myself now in the same predicament now in that I am looking for a set of OD503A transistors; Is there any way in which you can provide me with some assistance? Thanx Very Much for both your time and kind collaboration. In anticipation of your reply, Best Regards :)
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