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Jun 3, 2006
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Sep 27, 1961 (Age: 57)
Gainesville, FL
Geologist/Environmental Scientist

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Infinity-phile, 57, from Gainesville, FL

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Viewing forum, Jan 23, 2019 at 8:03 AM
    1. Dave1290
      Morning Tedrick. Nice to see another old Infinity-phile! :)
    2. Argon66
    3. Ishmael
      Tedrick, HI Ishmael here any information on a contact person for OEM KEF speaker surrounds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    4. Speakernutz
      weakness mainly in my legs ....Anyway I still have not aquired a decent High current amo to listen to my Infinity RSIIs. Soon man Soon!
    5. Speakernutz
      Well I just looked here and see I missed a question from you in 2013.>Sorry aabout that...But my dr put on some serious sleep meds thats over 11 months cost me a lot of viability. I'm well on the mend now but personally I was scared I wasn't getting getting mobile enough to turn the corner ..The drug caused some real we
    6. Speakernutz
      Happy Birthday and I hope your day was perfect!
    7. raptor69
      Tedrick - I don't know if you are still subscribed to this forum, but having read some of your posts on the Infinity Reference Standard 2.5 speakers, I got the definite impression you were a serious proponent of the Infinity speakers, as well as someone with great knowledge of them. If you are still in here, could I ask you for some advice about selling some of these speakers? I'll expound on this after I've determined whether you are still monitoring this forum - I guess there would be no use in going into lots of details if I'm talking to myself, right? Anyway - please reply to this. I'm new to the forum, and I'm trying to be sure I don't violate any rules, so I was trying to send this pm to gather some info before posting publicly. Thanks in advance...
    8. ProPerDoper
      My mistake....one woofer needs to be re-coned. Not sure about what that process is like.
    9. ProPerDoper
      Hey Ted,

      I'm a big fan of Infinity, currently running Primus 360, Overture 1, and Reference 2000.6.

      I've got a line on a set of RS7 on Craig's List for $50.00. Woofers will likely need refoam...$24 for parts on eBay.

      How do these compare in your opinion to the other Infinity models that I own? From everything I read online, it appears that at $75.00 total, these would be a deal.

      Your thoughts?
    10. wash.and.dry
      Hey Ted,
      I live in St. Augustine and am looking for ANY store in North FL that has a music showroom. I have yet to find anything in Jax, Daytona, or here. This sounds funny but I have never been to Gainesville although it I want to check it out. Do you have anything you could recommend? I think I'll head over next week. Thanks, Mark
    11. Tedrick
      Hey, Kurt:
      I like the Sony's, they have a very smooth, non-fatiguing sound, and are quite a bit more forgiving of poor recordings. But oftentimes I find that I really miss the detail and punch of the Infinity's. I would like to try some SS-M9's some day to hear for myself if the extra treble drivers enhance the level of detail any.
    12. kurtgo
      What's up with those Sonys? What do they sound like? Your eqpt list got me to looking at reviews for the SS-m7's and 9's. Sounds very interesting. Probably be through there in a week or so. Any info would be great.
    13. Jack Cheddar
      Jack Cheddar
      I get down that way on occasion. A buddy and I try to get to Sharpe's as often as we can. Also hit the antique places for albums and equipment as well. Picked up a Sony tuner and turntable in Micanopy...realized I needed an integrated amp to make it all work, so I found a Sony on ebay for $25. It's all mid 80's works great. Music is 70's classic rock and jazz. So what about you?
    14. Jack Cheddar
      Jack Cheddar
      HI Tedrick..
      Just wanted to say hi. I live in the Lake City area and have recently gotten back the audio bug.
    15. Gohan
      How are you doing?
    16. rich52569
      hi i'm richard. i live in archer. i have rs 2"s not "b"s though. mabey we can get together sometime. rich
    17. marantzroom
      I found a good electronics guy ! We took them apart and found that it was not as bad as I thought. Once you loose one driver it really effects the entire sound. This is because of the serial/parelel wiring (spelling). We are one our way to a fix and should have everything going in about a week.
    18. marantzroom
      Hello Tedeick, I did what you warned me not to do. Straight a/c into the QLS 1 's and blew a half a dozen emits and domes... Any ideas about replacements or repairs?
      Thank you
    19. marantzroom
      I have a chance to get a pair of qsl 1 infinity speakers for 1,000 $$$$$.
      They are re-coned and are in 9.5 for shape... What do you think?
      Thank you Albert
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    Sep 27, 1961 (Age: 57)
    Gainesville, FL
    Geologist/Environmental Scientist
    Audio, music, golf, kites, birdwatching



    Main: VPI Classic - Lyra Delos - Sutherland PH3D - Music Hall Maverick - Adcom GFP-750 - Usher R1.5 - Infinity RS-IIbs
    Living Room: VPI Aries I - Lyra Clavis - Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena - CAL Delta/Sigma II - McCormack TLC-1 - Forte Model 6 - Infinity Modulus - Genesis G-928
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