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Jun 22, 2002
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Tom Bavis

Audiophool, from Macedon NY

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    1. Dirk Willims
      Dirk Willims
      Hi Tom, very cool site. I just purchased a 445 from a AK member for 50.00 assume that's a good price. Did you have another clean 445 you want to sell?

    2. Mortega64
      Hey Tom, here is my email so you can send me the CM Chassis #9 schematic: jodaniel5881(at)gmail(dot)com

      Thanks for locating it for me.
    3. ren2112
      Tom, Do you still have the schematic for the Sherwood s 8000 iii? My Sherwood just popped and smells of smoke. So I have to get it to a techie's bench. Thank You in advance. My e-mail address is
    4. Steve Riley
      Steve Riley
      RE; Pilot 602 stereo receiver schematic. Tom I am hoping you would share the schematic with me. the only one I found online is not hi-res enough to read values. I looked on your site but it mostly has SC stuff - I have downloaded a schematic for a 660 from you. Thanks in advance . Steve
    5. Coryo
      Hey Tom, read a lot of your posts, was wondering if you had a source for el86 tubes.
    6. DutchHoffman
      Tom, do you still have your Silvertone 5022? Sorry to ask such an open-ended question, but is the amp in this unit a decent sounding amp when restored? I.E. suitable for stereo output, perhaps for a desktop speaker set?
    7. A Wallace
      A Wallace

      Any chance I can get your manual for the A224? My yahoo email is

    8. Tom Bavis
      Tom Bavis
    9. briansdad
    10. Tom Bavis
      Tom Bavis
      Could be. EIA code 328.
    11. iwilson
      Hii Tom

      Have you ever heard Stromberg Carlson using Utah drivers in their name brand speakers?
    12. orbanp
      Hi Tom,

      I am looking for a service manual for a Panasonic SA-5800C that I was given in a non-operational condition.

      I have seen from one of you posts that you advised someone way back about this, saying that it is in Sams MHF-37.

      Any chance that I could get a copy of that section?

      Thanks, Peter
    13. bigbargain
      If you look thru my posts, you will notice you've posted on quite a few. I just wanted to say I've noticed too, and Thanks.
    14. cssong
      Hi, I came across your thread, looking for a way to increase the gain in RCA rs177j. I'm not familiar with how tube amp works. Could you let me know how to identify the locations of the first stage cathode resistor(to be reduced to 4700), the feedback resitor(to be increased to 10k), and the input resistor(to be reduced to 10k)? Thanks in advance.
    15. mrwood200
      Hi - new member here !
      Do you have a good copy of a schematic for a Magnavox 93XX amp. You had offered a djvu format in a past post? I got a photo of one, but poor copy. Any info on this amp (9302) would be appreciated. Thanks!
    16. audiolover2
      Hi Tom, i have a pair of Stromberg Carlson speakers with internal 6v6 tube amps with each. I know that you know quite a bit about stromberg carlson, could please take a look and let me know what you think and if you know anything about them.


      here is the link:
    17. Curtwheeler
      Hi. Tom. Do need or want a SAMs photofact for a Harmon Kardon A500 I have a good scan of a original.
    18. Tom Bavis
      Tom Bavis
    19. Mark Teel
      Mark Teel
      My name is Mark and I have a Stromberg Carlson ASR-120 amp and need to replace the capacitor but am finding conflicting capacitor sizes. Do you know where I can find a schematic and conformation on the correct capacitor? Thanks
    20. fxer1982
      hi Tom. my name is greg gotham i have a set of stromberg carlson three way crossovers # RX-463 and took photos and sent them to your email address through your web site sometime ago. i was wondering if you ever got the photos and if you have a schematic for them.. i have four of them and have trouble with one , so i need to get a tech to repair it. a schematic will help. can you supply me with one thank you... a stromberg NUTT
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