Tom Brennan
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Jan 20, 2019 at 10:13 AM
Jul 26, 2002
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Jan 8, 1949 (Age: 70)
San Antonio
Retired member Boilermakers Local 1

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Tom Brennan

AK Member, 70, from San Antonio

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Viewing thread Full Sized Trucks--When Will The "Size War" End?, Jan 20, 2019 at 10:13 AM
    1. johnebravo
      I have to say: excellent avatar photo -- Parker and the young Red Rodney listening to Gillespie, reflected in the glass.
      1. Tom Brennan
        Tom Brennan
        Thanks. You’re hep, Johne.
        Jan 19, 2018
        johnebravo likes this.
    2. bgymnastics
      hello Tom,
      is there any information you can share with me on JBL CS3115 speakers. I just bought some and not sure how to make them sound there best using my Pioneer SX 1250. Is there some thing I need to do or do I just bi wire them to my receiver. I'm still very new to this new hobby of mine.
      Thanks for your help
    3. TerryO
      Happy Birthday Youngster! I hope it's the best one yet and just one of many more
    4. jim t
      jim t
      I like your avatar Wayne Cochran, I think I talke with you in chat once, you talked about your altec speakers
    5. Pat0628
      Tom, did you go to A A Stagg
    6. Karu Kutt
      Karu Kutt
      Hey Tom,
      I noticed you are from chicago, have you ever lived in St.Charles? I went to school with a Tom Brennan and was wondering if that Tom was you.
    7. glen65
      Just curious,
      From what show did you get your avatar from?
    8. fred667
      just have to ask..I have read some of your postings about the Altec Bolero 890c. Just found a pair last weekend and I REALLY think they sound great. Some of the speakers I have owned are Rogers LS3/5As, SMGs, 4311bs, Ess w heil transformers, well lots of stuff over the years. But I am intrigued with these 890cs.Sold the Model 19s in the mid 70s @ a hifi store in Seattle,worked for Speakerlab for awhile, on and on..... Wondered what made you give up the Boleros and what has replaced them Thanks for any reply you may have.
    9. MJ Clemmer
      MJ Clemmer
      Hello, Im intersteed in the DENON Is it still available? Thanks...MJ
    10. kwingylee
      Hi Tom:

      I am back from my European vacation. Has the Chicago horn club meeting been reschedule yet?

      I have my Valencia's at my mom's. They sound great on vocals. At first I was tempted to do the Zilch suggestions (BMS 4552ND drivers, outboard XO etc..) but I now decided to leave the thing alone. I already own wide band, near flat frquency response monitors, I like the 846Bs the way they are!
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    Jan 8, 1949 (Age: 70)
    San Antonio
    Retired member Boilermakers Local 1
    history, reading, movies, music, hi-fi


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