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d/b/a Vinyl Reclamation, Male, from DuPont, WA

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    1. oldman54
      Hi Tom, Joe, about pl155d parts. I havent opened the bottom yet. Im disabled and only have energy every other day. I have 3 working tables so no hurry. Btw my stepson lives in Tacoma, does r&d for Boeing. He grew up in Roslyn where we lived 20 yrs. Im in Colorado near Boulder. Any help greatly appreciated.
      1. TomInTacoma
        Small world, ain't it?

        If you find you need any parts for the PL-155D - take a visit to (that's my eBay store) and search on PL-155D. Everything we have available is listed there.
        Aug 2, 2018
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    2. ovaeasy
      Good morning, Tom,

      This is Greg in Olympia, I bought the Onkyo T-9 tuner from you some months back. I had a question about one of your e-bay items for sale, specificaly the knobs and switches for the Kenwood Cassette deck. Do you by any chance have the plastic pieces that those knobs fit on? The piece I'm talking about is still attached to the power switch for that same unit. Those are the items that are always broke on this Kenwood series and people like me have a hard time finding. If each of those pieces for each of those levers were all available, I would make that purchase. Thanks for your time. ovaeasy
    3. monica9961
      what would be a good set of xlr balanced cable AND WHAT SIZE ..STILL LEARN . I like to stay under $500.00
    4. 4seatPilot
      hey... that's a nice one! Must resist for now though... no funds :(
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    DuPont, WA
    The turntable parts you need, the best prices, shipped super-fast!

    We have cataloged parts from hundreds of makes and models of turntables plus dozens of donor machines waiting to be tested and disassembled. Our goal is to ship as fast as possible and to simply delight our customers. We will combine ship whenever possible and refund back any excess shipping costs paid.

    Don't see what you're looking for - send us a message. We may have it but just haven't gotten the chance to list it yet!


    Yamaha CR-1020 driving Carver Silver Nine t mono-blocks into Carver Amazing Loudspeakers (A-side) and Dynaco A-25 & Yamaha Sub(B-side). Technics SL-1210 mkII and Empire 598 for inputs along with Dragonfly USB DAC for streaming.
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