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    1. Vaughn
      I'd call Mike at MSAudio and see if that is something he would work on. I just had him go over some amps and he did an excellent job,
    2. Frankie's Market
      Frankie's Market
      HI Vaughn, I got a pair of Quad II amplifiers, any suggestions as to who works on them ( and is also reasonable?) ? I really don't want to ship them, they 're just so minty... Thanks, Ed
    3. bd1886
      Hey Vaughn....I'm in Black Diamond and good to know of another AK'er so close to me! Up in Alaska visiting and finding those dang Tannoys has me floating! (Gonna eat dinner and dig in....Yup....salmon!) Thanks for your response and looking forward to some interaction with another audio guy that's close. Scott
    4. Teradacto58
      Good talking to you once again.... Came home with the $3.95 Dulcimer project and a 5" plastic 69' Mustang Boss 302 ($.49cents), and a couple LP's. I tried out that 3 motor Sony cassette....but it seemed like it was stuck in reverse! Didn't take it! I have my new Cerwin V + Mach 2 surrounds...along with my new Empire tt belt...that I picked up in Sumas@ Ship Happens... Now I just need some time to repair them all...guess the Empire will be first! Can't believe you scored 2 pair of A25's!! Ratz!!
    5. Teradacto58
      Hi ...I found you! I'm Jim ....that talked to you in GW Bellingham, on Saturday. Enjoyed talking to you about our audio finds. ...Jim
    6. stoutblock
      I would like to buy the ADS 420 speakers. My son goes to school at western and I know he is going to be up there this next weekend.
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