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Oct 20, 2018 at 11:29 AM
Oct 3, 2007
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Feb 11, 1992 (Age: 26)
St. Louis
UPS Store Manager/Freelance Audio Engineer

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Proud Jaguar Owner!, 26, from St. Louis

vinyldavid was last seen:
Oct 20, 2018 at 11:29 AM
    1. captron
      Hi, This is Captron who contacted you about having two Russco Cue Master tt's. I have them both running and they need tonearms with headshells and I have one now and awaiting another from Britain. Please go to my album to see photos of the Aluminum face Russco. I will post photos of the Brown face one tomorrow.
      Ron Lassiter
    2. gargamel
      Seen you were from st Louis, so I thought I'd say hello. I live over in Alton.
    3. jleon92f
      Hey, I saw your FB page Cool.
    4. xraelx74
      I was reading a thread about younger audiophiles and saw you were from STL so i thought i'd say hey. If you're looking to buy or sell or just hang out lemme know!
    5. michaelhigh
      Hay man! The record show (On Kingshighway and Landsdowne at the Czech Center) is tomorrow, are you planning on attending? sheltie dave have been discussing setting up a couple tables for stereo gear, and I'm getting my own table to try to raise some funds for an upgrade or 5 (Decware fleapower tube integrated)... If you're interested in getting a table, they're $35 each, and you ought to be able to display 12-15 items on one. If not, take time to gas up and come see the vast quantities of vinyl and collectibles available, it will be worth your while. It will be good to see you too! I've been remiss in planning a visit to see you, and we can do something about that. Mike
    6. Boonaroo
      Is that a Sherwood Newcastle DVD player? If it is and you are interested in getting rid of it, let me know
      hey do you have youtube if yes whats you name on there im MARINLAW
    8. xtreme4099
      Hey, from youtube, youtube is being lame and not accepting my reply its erroring out, anyways right now im just using my receiver Harmon Kardon 354 7.1 it has pre outs, i have an amp designer friend building me a custom triode tube amp triadaudio.net, yep i plan to replace the technics heads with some JRFMagnetics extended frequency heads sometime, im going to a headfi dot org meet tomorrow to meet mr tape project himself Doc B to see about getting some upgrades, the RIAA tape external preamp will be done by amp designer friend.
    9. Noborigama
      Hey David,
      Did I read correctly one day that you were looking for a copy of Return to Forever?
      I picked up one if you would like to buy a copy, I have it already. Let me know if you want it.
    10. John James
      John James
      You go ahead and set your system and your room up the way you like them. Anybody that says you are wrong for this reason or that is out of line 'til they have been there and have heard your setup and have sincere recommendations on how it may be improved. I'm with you 100%!
    11. Autobot
    12. Autobot
    13. Autobot
    14. randyrhoads1
      Hey there, I moved the cue arm down and when I do that, the pinch roller comes down with it and therefore, it doesn't reach the capstan, so the tape doesn't really move.
      In your last message, you said that if the deck is in cue mode, it will eat the heads, is cue mode down or up?
    15. vinyldavid
      Dunno about the reel motors....so I'll get back to you on that...I need to do some maintenance on my A3340S, so as I go along, I'll look for what you mention...haven't been inside it in over a year.

      91% is fine. Used it for years.

      With NEW tape....get RMGI LPR35 to start with...that is most akin to what the Teacs were biased for back in the day...about $50 per reel.

      Moving the cue level DOWN will save your heads, if you fast forward or rewind a tape with it in cue mode, you will eat heads like no other.

      I play the R2R tape deck :P
    16. randyrhoads1
      Hi again, forgot to mention...

      What about cleaning the Capstan?
      If I do it with alcohol, isn't that bad for it to touch the pinch roller?
      Do you know where to find rubber cleaner?

      Also, do you know how to clean the capstan motor, belt and do you know anything about it in general?

      Sorry to ask SO MANY questions, I am just so interested in this brand new frontier.

      I have pretty much ONLY experienced guitar playing for the last 13 years.
      Do you play an instrument?

      Take care,
      Thomas Wright
    17. randyrhoads1
      Thnx for the reply...
      What kind of tape is reliable and doesn't shed?
      Yeah, I thought something was wrong when I saw the huge amount of grime build-up.

      So, moving the cue lever down will help?

      I just bought some Isopropyl Alcohol yesterday, it is 91%, I read that using 95% and higher is optimal, I've also heard on AK that this guy has been using 91% alcohol for a very long time and has had no problems.
      Should I clean all those things you mentioned with the alcohol?
      Anything better?

      What about cleaning the reel motors and oiling them?
      Do you have to take them apart?
      I know that a syringe is necessary.
      Thnx gain dude,
    18. randyrhoads1
      Thnx for the reply,
      Is the cue lever the one on the left?
      Yeah, everytime I run the tape for awhile, there is a lot of build-up of black grime on the first lever on the left.
      I am using Ampex 456 Grand Master. I know it is good tape, but I think it is vintage.
      They were in the original sealed wrap and completely mint.
      That is very cool of you man, I would really appreciate the tape.
      By the way, I think I found you on YouTube, do you have the video of the TAC 3340 with you talking?
      thnx again,
      Thomas Wright
    19. randyrhoads1
      Hey man, How ya doin'?
      I think my reel may need a new belt/pinch roller/ belts or it just needs to be cleaned, lubed and oiled.I would like to get it professionally serviced, that way I won't always be trying to be one step ahead before it breaks.When there is no tape on, the deck runs beautifully. but out-of-control.
      I dunno if this is a problem but, if the deck is in fast-forward, the supply-reel goes significantly slower than the take-up, it seems as if the take-up reel is pulling the supply reel's weight if the deck is rewind, the reel on the right goes slow and the original supply reel works good. When it is in rewind, it is going so fast and gives off a strange squeaky/metal-on-metal sound.The reason I think it is the pinch roller/capstan, is because if I load a tape on, it starts off good and very suddenly does a major decrease to stop.I can't tell how bad I want to hear it!
      Thomas Wright
    20. randyrhoads1
      Hey there, whats up man?
      In your message you said that your 3340S just sits around,

      Would you be willing to sell it?

      I could also trade it to you for a TEAC 4010 reel.

      I also have a TEAC 7030 reel.

      If you're not using it, I would be very happy to take it off your hands.

      Because my 3340S hasn't been able to play since I got it due to the tape stopping.

      I have to save a good amount of money before I can get it repaired.

      thnx bro, take care
      Thomas Wright
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    Feb 11, 1992 (Age: 26)
    St. Louis
    UPS Store Manager/Freelance Audio Engineer
    I love analog audio, and vinyl especially....

    Live sound engineering, recording, collecting vinyl, pro recording/broadcast equipment, and of course, listening to music!


    New systems coming soon! Watch this space for updates.
    They'll include a lot of Bozak and ElectroVoice, though.
    "The best use of a B-200X tweeter is to find an AlNiCo metal recycler and make sure it gets there." -Me