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Sep 25, 2010
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Las Vegas Nevada
Aircraft Mechanic

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Building a new bench. Finally!, Male, from Las Vegas Nevada


Finishing up a Marantz 250. It's been a chore. Nov 16, 2017

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    1. ex brickie
      ex brickie
      How would a QX 9900 compare to the SX 1010? There's a very good condition one for sale here - but not refurbished.
    2. ex brickie
      ex brickie
      That's very reassuring. He has sent me photos of the caps you replaced but I have no electronic knowledge so wasn't sure how extensive it was. It does look fab cosmetically - apart from the casing. I'm guessing you don't have any others at a reasonable price?! Many thanks for your help and quick reply
    3. ex brickie
      ex brickie
      I'm looking for a mid to high end receiver - see my Pioneer thread. I'm in the UK so not so many around here. Has to be blue lit to match my RT-909. Would a Marantz offer more bang for buck? Any recommendations? Cheers,
      1. zebulon1
        I completely rebuilt the 1010. Was a few hundred to ship, wonderful receiver. I can't remember if he wanted LED's or not. Minty if I remember right. He asked me if I had one to sell. Just like all the 1010's I get, I was going to keep it. Then a guy talks me out of it.
        Feb 12, 2019 at 10:31 AM
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    4. ex brickie
      ex brickie
      Hi. There's a guy in Ireland selling an SX 1010 that he says he bought from you around 3 years ago, bought as fully recapped. I wondered if you could remember how much re-capping/refurb was done on the unit - as he is asking a pretty high price for it. He says he doesn't have the details.
    5. Watthour
      STK Prototype/replacements... Are you still offering these on eBay or have you had your limit with them?

      I would like to acquire some, but if they are not a readily available item I can simply have some boards made and solve my deficit. I don't want to burden you with more work if it isn't something you're already doing AND if it isn't worth your time.
    6. zebulon1
      Finishing up a Marantz 250. It's been a chore.
    7. zebulon1
      Repairing the PL 700B, Thinking about the White Oak Comp upgrade.
    8. zebulon1
      Restoring a 9090DB
    9. zebulon1
      Been working on Phase Linear Amps and Pre's Nice stuff!
    10. GITAY'ND
      thx for your help with my sx-1010 , very helpful tips
    11. Axcel
      Hi just wondering if I am understanding you correctly you would being willing to email/PM the tech at Ring audio? If so that would be great I will get there email address and send it off to you
    12. 04fatboy
      I am looking for a pair of Marantz HD77 speakers. Does anybody have some to sell.
    13. Watthour

      Great save on the SX-1250 for VelocitySS85. And thank you for being such a valuable contributor. I hope you get it paid back somehow.
    14. idadude
      I should be getting to the Quantum 2's soon. I just finished the grills on my 2.5's, so I should have more time to start working on the mid domes......maybe this week. I think I will even do the one that is working. It is probably on the verge of having the wire break.

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    Las Vegas Nevada
    Aircraft Mechanic
    I work for an Airline based here in Las Vegas. I was born to fix things and this audio fulfills all of that. I like to repair all the different manufactures and had been moving back to the 60's and ahead to the 80's equipment. Every decade has fun, entertaining equipment to work on.


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    Starting on Technics SA-1000