1962 stromber-carlson console sterio- help

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by stromberg721, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. stromberg721

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    I have a large wood 1962 stromberg-carlson AM/FM radio with record player console model #. I am looking for more information on the rarity. AM/FM radio works but the record player, unfortunalty does not; I believe due to a bad switch. I have searched countless hours online for information and have not even found a picture of one. Is this a rare item?

    please help

    here is a picture i took of mine

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  2. mibag6

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    Questions of value usually get bumped to Dollars and Sense forum. You'll probably get more info in the tube forum. Might want to edit out the value questions. It probably has a nice little push pull 6V6 stereo amp, can't tell you much else.
  3. stromberg721

    stromberg721 New Member

  4. Stromberg48

    Stromberg48 "Classic Chinese audio"

    looks like a record changer, Is that a record changer or a manual tt? My guess is this is a 63 or later model. a front pic would be nice.
  5. spaceman

    spaceman Registered Lunatic

    That looks a bit different from either one I've messed with, but looks more like the one that had a SE 7408 amp, the ASR-110. My Penthouse is much longer, with a section on each side of the lid. If you can take off the back & grab pics of the amp & drivers, we can offer more help.
  6. century tek

    century tek Super Member

    That is the same as the one I picked up a few years back. Sinse you don't have a pic of the amp, its either the ASR-110 or ASR-120. The ASR-110 is single ended 7408's & the ASR-120 is push/pull 7408's. Both have the 7199 drivers and 6CA4 rectifier. I believe Tom Bavis has both schematics. I got my ASR-120 schematic from him.
  7. century tek

    century tek Super Member

    Its a record changer. You can tell by the long spindle that's able to hold a stack. A manual TT usually does not have the long spindle or arm to hold the records, and/or the "REJ" option. That particular TT has the speed control as the outer knob, and off-on-rej as the inner round control.
  8. larryderouin

    larryderouin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The changer is a Voice of Music changer. IIRC it's a 12xx series unit. Lift it out and look for the model and serial #'s as outlined on the V-O-M site. They also have parts for the changer too.

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  9. stromberg721

    stromberg721 New Member

    more pics

    model number on the record player is
    MRS 4058

  10. larryderouin

    larryderouin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    your info from the changer doesn't match up with what VOM is saying.
    it's quite possible that S-C put their own info on it also.
    Here's the link you want to check on the changer http://www.thevoiceofmusic.com/do_i_have_vm.html

    Did it not come with legs??? It looks like the type that should have at least 7"or 8" legs.
  11. Tinkerbelle

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  12. Thespeakerdude8

    Thespeakerdude8 Super Member

    Not really, pretty standard Stromberg console. Nicer in some cases than some of the Magnavox's. Its in poor shape to be worth a lot of money, but is it worth fixing? Yeah! Finish work isn't too hard, and it probably just needs a few capacitors replaced. Would I dump a couple hundred into it? No.
  13. orthophonic

    orthophonic Super Member

    The Record Changer is not VM, it is a Glaser Steers, these changers are rather unique in that the platter stops spinning before the record drops, then
    starts spinning again when the arm lands on the record.

    Nice looking Modern style console, would probably be an easy restore.
  14. KentTeffeteller

    KentTeffeteller Gimpus Stereophilus!

    I agree you have a Glaser/Steers changer installed. The overarm and general styling does not appear to be V-M of the period. It's a much better than average console in sonics and build, only Fisher, Ampex or HH Scott are rivals here. Worth some love and restoration. The Stromberg-Carlson consoles are superb sounding and the better of the herd. :tresbon:
  15. larryderouin

    larryderouin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I'll be damned. I coulda sworn it was a VOM. Learned something new today. (Boy am I in trouble......Old dogs, new tricks!)

  16. tobyjuan

    tobyjuan New Member

    Stromberg Carlson RP-721-WO

    Hi. I am new to restoring old consoles. I acquired a Stromberg Carlson RP-721-WO that I would like to get working. It is in really good shape but if I turn it on, there is a loud hum. I turned it off immediately. I would like to try replacing the amp capacitors but am having trouble identifying replacements. the large twist-lock can capacitor on the amp has these specs;


    I cannot cross-reference and of the substituted part from the manual. I see that CE Engineering makes replacements but not of the same specs. Can someone make a recommendation for a proper replacement?

    Would you suggest just replacing this first and then the smaller capacitors?

    The tubes are fine by all indications.

  17. Tom Bavis

    Tom Bavis Audiophool Subscriber

    The 50/35V section can be replaced by a small tubular cap. Actually, all of the caps in the can could be replaced by separate ones underneath, with the can left in place for appearance. 450V may be easier to find, and it's always OK to use a higher voltage cap if it fits. If you haven't been to my website yet, get the service info there: http://www.audiophool.com/MadeInRoch.html You're looking for the SR-130 tuner and ASR-110 amp.
  18. tobyjuan

    tobyjuan New Member

    Thank you. I think I have found all of them at Mouser. I look forward to finding out if I can actually get everything working.
  19. vinyl fiend

    vinyl fiend Active Member

    The record player is pretty. The amp is el rrroacholo.
  20. jaymanaa

    jaymanaa AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I bet he could cleaan it up and maybe use some spray galv or something on it. One thing I learned about S/C amps is the uglier they are, the better they sound.

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