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Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by dsndblm, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. dsndblm

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    Central Arizona
    I'm wondering if anyone can give me specs on 6p3s tubes. They are advertise as 6L6GT's (Russian) on the auction site. Im interested in max plate voltage, current. How do they sound? Thanks.
  2. airdronian

    airdronian Active Member

    I have a quad of these tubes - the box says 6n3cE, but in translation they are 6P3S-E according to the label from my vendor. Late 70's early 80's vintage I think.

    Mine come from Jim McShane who labels the tube boxes. There are individual measures per tube, but printed are the following:

    Vp: 465 volts Vg2: 465 volts V bias: -50 volts.

    I don't have a lot of electrical knowledge, and can just pass on what I see.

    Each tube has a spec sheet, however it is in Russian. If you want, pm me and I can try and photograph or scan these and then email you.

    If you are buying some out of Russia or the Ukraine I would recommend getting more than you need to get better chances of nicely matched pairs etc. I preferred to get mine from Jim at what I felt was a good price.

    In my amp (Cayin A-60t) they give the best bass, clean mids and highs. I really like them. I have also corresponded with another user who employed them in a guitar amp who had the opposite experience and replaced them.

    So I guess it depends on what you are using them in, and what your preferences are. No doubt they are a sturdy tube, but have a coin base that makes extracting a little more difficult than those with a thick base.

    Heading downstairs to use them right now !
  3. skriefal

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    SLC, Utah
    The 6P3S-E is a hardier tube than the 6P3S, and is also more expensive than the 6P3S. The 6P3S has a standard base -- not the coin/wafer base found on the 6P3S-E. Many big-name tube manufacturers relabeled the 6P3S tubes as 6L6GCs with their own branding, suggesting that they should work well in circuits designed for the 6L6GC. But I haven't used them myself!
  4. airdronian

    airdronian Active Member

    Good to know. Thanks.
  5. NOSValves

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    Well I can't read the Russian spec's on the 6P3S-E but I've baked them in for extended periods at 500+ volts on the plates and screens at 50 ma without issue. Those little babies are tough! So are those small coke bottle inexpensive Chinese 6L6GC that tubesandmore.com used to carry for a song(not sure if they still do).
  6. jwrauch

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    Kentucky , USA
    They sound great in my ST70. JOHN
  7. roline

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    East Tennessee
    I've run the 6P3S at 360 and 400 volt at 40ma, no red plate and in triode mode with 6.6k outputs. Sound very good for inexpensive tubes, the lowest cost ST 70 clone option.
    I'm currently running the big brothers 6P3S-E wafer bases at 450V and 45ma in triode mode. I'm impressed with the performance vs cost. My favorites are the Svet 6550=C=, but they were more than tripple the price and not that much better.....

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