807 vs 6L6 as an output tube

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by gadget73, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Does anyone have input on the sound of an 807 vs the 6L6GC ? I'm possibly looking at buying a mate to my Stancor Williamson amp, and its been modded to take a 6L6. I have one thats still fitted with the original 807 tubes. If I did get this, I'd probably be buying 4 tubes of either type but I'm looking for thoughts on which type to buy. I'm sort of leaning towards the 807 for price and the fact it has that cool plate cap, but should I really consider a 6L6GC or a KT66 or something ?


    the second set of schematics for the amp in ultralinear mode is what I'm working with.
  2. jaymanaa

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    Just my ears but I'll take a 6L6 over an 807 / 1625 every time. They sound better to me, and seem to be much more durable.
  3. battradio

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    Hi ,

    I would consider the 6BG6 , wire both chassis for these they are reasonabled .

    http://www.vacuumtubes.com/6BG6.html .

    Your would have the advanages of the 6L6GC with the price of the 807 .
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    moot point, had a login issue and ended up missing out on it. There are days where I truly despise technology. Stupid login timeouts.
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    I wonder how, since the 807/1625 is just a higher-voltage 6L6.
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    I have an amp that was designed for the 6L6, and I got adapters so I can drop in 807s. RCA NOS 807s are dirt cheap and to me sound much better than the new production EH 6L6s that came with the amp. Also better than an old pair of 6L6s (Sylvaina??), but I'm not sure of the history of that pair, they may be spent.
    As far as durability - My understanding is that the 807 is one of the most durable tubes on the planet (as far as audio output applications), having been designed as an RF transmitter tube and made mostly for the military. I've read stories of people in the Ham Radio world pushing them way way beyond their rating and running them that way for years.
    I believe that any amp that takes 6L6s will take the 807 with the adapters. $50 for the adapters, and NOS in the box 807s will run you about what a pair of new production EH 6L6s will.
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    Fortunately they both mean the same thing, just different marketing :thmbsp:
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    Well Amateur radio operators are not worried about high fidelity, just a clean 800Hz CW tone... :D

    Along those lines, there is a guy who builds old CW transmitters, 1929 vintage, and use 45 tubes for the finals. He says he buys "weak" ones from the hi-fi guys, who no longer find them fit for hi-fi grade audio...
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