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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by hardrock94, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. hardrock94

    hardrock94 Super Member

    Good day Everyone, Has any body ever heard of these speakers before? I ran across them in my local newspaper here in Indy. He's asking $175.00 for them. There a three-way 15"woofer with a horn mid,and tweeter.Any thoughts,or has anyone ever hear of them? Thanks Dave.
  2. Alaric

    Alaric Super Member

    The van isn't white , but it's definitely a light beige. MTX made for Sears , etc..
  3. jimfet

    jimfet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Way! Way to high. They used to be sold at your local furniture store. They probably sold for $200 with a 10X markup.
  4. vons

    vons NOT a good example

    I believe Parts Express has been selling those as of late.

    Approach with caution.
  5. hardrock94

    hardrock94 Super Member

    I had a feeling they were some type of white van crap. Thanks.
  6. 325bmw

    325bmw Active Member

    MTX made the AAL series speakers. They are NOT white van speakers. I have a pair of AAL 2230B. Horn tweeter, (2) 12" woofers and midrange. Will handle more power and sound just as nice as these "so called" audiophile quality speakers. I used to have the AAL 2230 you could buy them with wood grain or black. These speakers will handle just about everything my Yamaha M-65 can throw at them. Here they are next to the Cerwin's. They were sold at Best Buy, etc....for around $350 - $400. The MTX model you reference have the 15" instead of twin 12" woofers.......Your model number might be AAL 1540. Now you know....

  7. Rome

    Rome Holsum Honey Buns Subscriber

    Very nice system, 325!
    Man, that console takes me back & it is a very nice looking TV.

  8. hardrock94

    hardrock94 Super Member

    Hey I'm curious,the owner got home last night.called me and wants me to come tonight,look and listen,he told me i'd be suprised. Why not he's only 5 miles away. By the way 325bmw,they are model 1540's
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  9. 325bmw

    325bmw Active Member

    Thanks Rome!! That console is hard for the kiddies to tip over.......LOL......so we keep it, it won't die.

    hardrock94 -- You will be surprised The MTX AAL line of speakers are very underrated. Very few people have listened to them. I would sell the rest of my speaker collection before I sold my AAL's. Good luck!! :thmbsp:
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  10. jaykoly

    jaykoly Active Member

    I have also had the 2230's pictured above. Not audiophile quality cabinets but great rock speakers. Handle lots of power with high output. Price is way to high though, I sold my pair for $75.
  11. barredowl

    barredowl Before and after Science

    They may sound OK but 175 is still way too high, for that kind of coin you might luck into JBLs, ARs, Boston Acoustics, EPIs, Dynacos etc, that are a whole lot better. For 75 you might be talking for beater party speakers to crank up for rock and roll. Lets put it this way for 200 I lucked into JBL 4313bs that were quite literally the standard for recoding studios to mix albums in the late 70s and early 80s
  12. barredowl

    barredowl Before and after Science

    Jayjokal slipped in while i was typing with a similar message to mine. :)
  13. Nat

    Nat AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Way way way too high -- they may be perfectly nice speakers, but goodness and price don't correlate. At all.
    By the way, their 12 inch brethren are the most common speaker at the dump, and by a fairly considerable margin. So they are common and not much sought after.
  14. hardrock94

    hardrock94 Super Member

    Wow! I just got back from looking and listening to these speakers,all I can say, I just wasted an hour and a half.:no:
  15. kretinus

    kretinus squanto was a fool

    That doesn't surprise me, AAL is American Acoustic Labs, never have heard a model that impressed me. For that kind of cash you could listening to any number of speakers that would blow you away, most for a lot less than the AALs.

    Remember, power handling doesn't mean jack squat as a rule, some of the best speakers I have heard and owned wouldn;t handle more than 50 watts and loud is n ot inherently related to quality sound.
  16. tarior

    tarior Dirty pool, old man?

    Translation: Rock-n-Roll party pounders!:D

    FWIW, I'd much rather have those DX-9s.:smoke:
  17. mstng281

    mstng281 New Member

    Quote:Translation: Rock-n-Roll party pounders!

    Just like my HPM-100's:)
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  18. Gang-Twanger

    Gang-Twanger Resident Wharfedaliophool Subscriber

    I don't know what the wood-grain ones look like, but honestly, those black ones remind me of your average inexpensive PA speaker. They'll blast with the best of 'em, but not my kind of sound. I used to have a pair of Soundtech speakers that I actually bought for PA use (with a Soundtech PA), but then I joined a band that had a PA so they became my "party speakers". And they worked beautifully for that. I wouldn't want that kind of action around the speakers I have now. I once had a significant portion of my local high school's graduating class (about 80 people - from two years after I graduated) all crammed into this tiny apartment I had back in 1990, and all of them had taken acid and were drinking keg beer all night (Me included - Talk about PARANOID) - I wouldn't want a crowd like that anywhere NEAR my speakers these days. That's what those black speakers are great for. Easy cleaning.
  19. Bstable

    Bstable Super Member

    I looked up AAL in my 1980 Stereo Review buyers guide, and there were 21 different models listed. It took up a whole page, and no other manufacturer came close to doing that.
  20. Alaric

    Alaric Super Member

    I had the "get-me-banned" post-from-hell queued up , but I'll settle for this-MTX is low-end junk. If you like it , great.

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