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Discussion in 'Solid State' started by AUDITECH, Jan 20, 2004.


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    thanks for the info on the acoustech amp.looks like it is mid 60s
    vintage,that seems to be real early would seem to
    me that this is a rare amp?looks like 30 watts per channel.this
    unit is going up on ebay to raise money to fuel my audio
    habit.this is the big question,how do i what this amp is worth
    so i dont give it away?
  2. Grumpy

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    It would made more sense to have just posted this in the first thread you started about the amp.


    AUDITECH Well-Known Member

    your right

    yes you are right,sorry,i was going to put it into my collection
    but got my eye on another to much gear coming in
    and not to much going out so it is time to thin it down.i found
    a guy who has 2 real nice decks he wants to sell because
    he just had them sitting there for looks.i bring in about 10
    new things aweek and my downstairs is filling about
    10 months i have picked up over 200 pieces.i now have 13
    rtrs over 50 recievers,12 cassette decks,15 amps,9 tuners
    and 24 pairs of speakers.just cant say no when i find
  4. Brian

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    I think we need to collectively retain the services of a shrink - some guys have a bit of an addiction issue.
  5. JimiJohnB

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    I couldn't agree more. Maybe AK can hire the services of a shrink for all our members? Perhaps we can have a new forum added where we post threads explaining the nature of our addiction and the shrink can respond appropriately. Kind of like a self-help forum. Hmmm....sounds like a 12 step program might be useful, too. Then again, why would any of us want this addiction to end?

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