Acoustic Monitor speakers DB IV liquid cooled. Any good?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by namahealani, Mar 18, 2007.

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  2. namahealani

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    They're white van speakers, aren't they? I just googled them. Came up with this:

    I was just approached (accosted?) by a couple of kids driving a
    van that said they had some GREAT speakers to sell. They are overstocks, used by major recording studios and DJs or even hot, and they normally sell for $1000/pr, but they’ll let me have them for just $399. Am I getting ripped off? Yes, you most certainly are. The speakers these people sell are none of what they describe. They are never used in studios. There might be one or two DJs out there that use them because they can’t afford anything else. They are not overstocks, and in all likelihood, they are NOT HOT!. Are they good speakers? No, they’re, at best, no better than the big boom boxes you find in $400 rack systems in department stores. They are worth no more than what the kids paid for them ($100/pr). The speakers go under names like “Acoustic Monitor DB IV”, “Acoustic Linear,” “Pro-Poly,” “Audio Reference 4350″, “Omni Audio”, and so on. They all “feature” things like “liquid cooled 3″ tweeter”, poly-cone 12″ woofer, fantastic (but impossible) frequency response, 98 db/watt sensitivity, and so on. The brand names are remarkably similar to reputable firms, but different enough to delay law suits. These speaker are made by a couple of manufacturers with the intent of being sold exactly this way. They cost the kids in the van about US $100 a pair, and the kids are given minimal training about what kinds of stories to use, what parking lots are the most likely to generate sales (department store parking lots near colleges in September is a great time for these guys). Anything over the US $100 the kids paid is pure profit. Stay away, you’re getting ripped off. For more information on these speakers, see:
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    Yes! The original and probably most popular white vans.
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    Vintage White Van... move on.
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    I seem to recall having a set of those in the house when I was young, but they were not white van, rather they were boring sedan purchases. Mom's bf's son worked at a gas station, some guy comes in and tells him he's getting a divorce, needs some cash, etc. Sold him those and some early CD player, this was about 1986 or so. I dont really remember much about them, just the liquid cooled thing. I was 5 so I can't really say if they sounded good or not.
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    Wait! Can't you see that they are "Digital Ready"? That means that they are....


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