ADS L570/2 Score!!!

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by noprayer, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. noprayer

    noprayer For The Dying

    My little bro was at a goodwill today and called to ask me if ADS speakers were any good. I told him they were. He asked me if i wanted a pair of mint L570/2's for 15 bucks. I said yes. They are now in my backseat waiting to get home and hooked up. They are PRISTINE!!!!! This is the first mint anything i have seen come out of a goodwill. My little brothers score yesterday was even better though. At a salvation army he found a Realistic 2080 receiver and a set of JBL Century L100's for 25 bucks for the set. I'm seriously jealous.
  2. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber

    I'm seriously jealous.[/QUOTE]
    No, I am!

  3. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    I have the ADS L570 2s. According to a fella who is an avid collector of ADS, the series 2s are a nice improvement over the original 570s.

    Congrats! Great speakers!
  4. noprayer

    noprayer For The Dying

    My first ADS speakers

    This is my first set of ADS speakers but one of many in what is turning into a long line of speakers with 3 letter names. I hope they are as good as their reputation.
  5. ybaolywa

    ybaolywa Super Member

    Wow, wow & wow!
  6. noprayer

    noprayer For The Dying


    I drove 900 miles an hour home from work and hooked up my new ADS speakers and i must say that they DO live up to the reputation! I am really impressed! Clean and tight are the only two words i can think of to describe them. The first listen was with Rusted Root - "When I Woke" because of the wicked cool drum piece at the start of the disc. Intense! My neighbors are probably a bit peeved right now! It looks like the EPI 100's are off to the closet for a much needed rest. These are definate keepers and i think i just may have to sample some other ADS offerings now. (I'm not addicted, I can quit anytime i want!) Pics to follow. :rockon:
  7. hawkeye mike

    hawkeye mike Active Member

    Welcome to the club!

    I love my L810s! :music: ADS sure made some decent stuff for the money.

  8. StarMover

    StarMover AlienToAllThingsAudio

    Great score! You can stop looking for more speakers. The best part is you don't have to refoam them thanks to the rubber surrounds!

    I've been lucky enough to pick up two sets lf L-810s and a set of smaller bookshelf speakers that I love. The fuses were blown in the tweeters which is way I think the original owner kicked them to the curb. Fourtunately, there was a spare inside!
  9. noprayer

    noprayer For The Dying

    Finally Some Pics

    Finally a few pics as promised.

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  10. Brad Muller

    Brad Muller Super Member

    If I lived closer, I might like to go shopping with your little Bro! If he ever makes it out west, have him look me up! Brad :yes:
  11. gary7

    gary7 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Just picked up a pair for $8 at the SA Friday auction. will need a re-finish and one grill.
  12. Rome

    Rome Holsum Honey Buns Subscriber

    Outstanding find!

  13. anytune

    anytune AK Subscriber Subscriber

    And the street addresses of those stores?...

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