ADS L570 vs L570 II

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by fanghorn, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. fanghorn

    fanghorn AK Member Subscriber

    Is one appreciably better then the other sound wise? If so, can you swap the drivers and crossovers? Reason I ask is that I have read the II version is suppose to sound better and I have a pair of ea but the plain jane 570 cabinets are pretty trashed and if I could just swap out drivers and crossovers and havea II then that would be great :)
  2. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    The main differences are in the woofers. The 1 used an aluminum former for the voice-coil while the 2 used kapton, essentially a plastic. There are pros & cons to both, mainly the 2 will handle it better if the woofer is bottomed accidentally. There may be minor differences in the crossover because the response is different between the two woofers. The 1 woofer would have a bit better high-frequency extension, the advantage of the aluminum former.

    About 6 months back I bought a set of mint 1's because I could not pass up the price. I did not listen to them for quite awhile and was never really a fan of the 2's. The layout of the speaker is good with 1" tweeter & 8" woofer but they just didn't sound all that great to me. I expected the same of the 1's and was surprised when I listened to them with a good amp. They sounded really good, /face palm. Either I heard the 2's in a crappy set-up or the minor differences of the 1's are audible.
  3. boreas

    boreas AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Is this the difference between all the 1s and 2s? I've got a pair of L780/2s and never did know what the distinction is.

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  4. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    I am pretty sure that 570/780 used the same woofers.
  5. fanghorn

    fanghorn AK Member Subscriber

    Hmm, so you then prefer the 1's. Too bad the pieces won't fit in a pair of L400's I have :D
  6. adam-ads

    adam-ads Super Member

    At this point in the lifecycle of both versions, condition trumps any differences in the original performance.
  7. fanghorn

    fanghorn AK Member Subscriber

    no other thoughts??
  8. boreas

    boreas AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Only one: since you have both the speakers you're asking others to compare for you, why not compare them yourself? What matters most is which you prefer.

  9. fanghorn

    fanghorn AK Member Subscriber


    True enough, just wanted some thoughts on folks who know these alot better then I do, especially long term....

    thanks to all :D
  10. wjd_third

    wjd_third New Member

    I have 2 s

    A/D/S love these back in the day...
    I have a pair of 2 's. Bought em new sometime late 80's i think. The surrounds came unglued at last about 3 years ago. I am in process of diy fix. Anyway I loved these things great mids and highs refined sound lows were ok. They sound nice with yamaha natural sound integrated from same time frame :yes:.
    I remember buyin em at my local shop he only had 2's no regular model. Damn sorry i did not answer your question and i feel old :).
  11. DodgeB3500

    DodgeB3500 Active Member

    I have a pair of the II's. The only thing I have that is
    close to the 570 II (size wise) are my L420's and IMO
    the 570 II is a nicer sounding speaker.

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