Advent 1's vs. Klipsch Heresy (brief)

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by hibuckhobby, Sep 26, 2003.

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    Having had the heresy's in my "den" system for about a year powered first by a Marantz 2045 and later a small NAD reciever, I was pretty familiar with their sound: Very clean, fast and fairly detailed. What bass there is/was was also quite dynamic but not deep at all regardless of amplifier. At times could sound a bit thin in the lower midrange with vocalists like Jennifer Warnes...but sounded suprizingly good with Santana's "Supernatural."

    Enter the Advent 1's I just picked up on Ebay. Quite a different speaker. Far deeper bass...and more of it...I may even need to raise them up off the floor. Far more rich in the midrange and lower treble with a wider soundstage...although not quite as specific in the center or as deep in the center as the Heresy's. I love the way they sound and for a design that's 30 years old, they bury what you could buy at a competitive price.

    They will probably find their way into my office system...which is 100wpc Tandberg seperates with an Adcom player and an Assemblage DAC. Primary reason is that while the Heresy's don't affect the TV they sit right beside, the Advents nearly wiped out the screen....especially if they weren't perfectly parallel to the tube.

    When I bid on these, I was under the impression they were the original Advent Large speakers...but at $86, I am still pretty happy with them.

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    $86 for Advent 1's is a nice score. I'd like to have a pair, but space is at such a premium that if I wanted different speakers in the main system my Heresys would have to go, and I like them too much to part with them. :)


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