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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by darth, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. darth

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    Are the Advent 3's similar to the Small Advents? I notice the tweeters are different. Are they a good speaker?
  2. RastaFish

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    I have a pair of Advent 3's and I think they are great little speakers, I use mine with a Denon integrated for my kitchen system. The drivers don't look like much, especially the paper cone tweeter, but the rubber surrounds on the woofers are a nice plus and they sound far better than they look like they should. Especially good bass for such a small cabinet. Another big plus is the fact that they look like miniature classic Advents, very nice vintage speaker look in a small package!
  3. jpdylon

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    LaMesa (San Diego)
    As Rastafish stated, they are great speakers in a small package. They are smaller than the "smaller advents" have a 6" woofer ans 2" tweeter.

    The only flaw of the advent /3 is that they are really inefficient (~85dB at 1 watt) so they are really only good for an office or bedroom where volume isn't needed. Great bass response for such a small box!
  4. Toasted Almond

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    I concur whole-heartedly. Amazing what those boys could get out of a small box with a 6" woof, but a Smaller Advent was in a whole different class.
  5. OvenMaster

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    They're excellent speakers. They were my first pair of speakers that could be called "high fidelity"... but they suck up power like a black hole!

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