Advent Eternity Tower Speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by rush2112guy, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. rush2112guy

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    Anybody know anything about Advent Eternity Tower Speakers. Can you give me some specs? Saw a pair on craigslist I might be interested in

  2. classic carl

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    I never heard of them. Sounds like they could be from the post Jensen, Recoton period. Any photos?

    Edit: I did a Google search and there are several posts in AK and other forums on these. I assumed you already did this. Search first, ask questions later. :D

    They appear to be Jensen Advents, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, at the asking price, I don't think I'd grab them. They look rather nice. I have no idea what they sound like. Advent never was one to post specs on their speakers, at least in the pre-Jensen period.
    I found another post on the web that stated they were $299 each brand new and the poster bought them at closeout for half of that.
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  3. rush2112guy

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    Yea thanks Carl. I assume you saw the pics from craigslist. They do look nice but I didnt know anything about them.I did search for info but didnt find much.
    Thats when I go to my fellow AKer's for their input.
    I have a pair of minty Advent 1's that sound great, so Im kind of hooked on Advents.
    Thanks again for the info!!


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