Advent Eternity?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by atrac, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. atrac

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    I keep seeing a pair of Advent Eternity's at the local thrift that need to be re-foamed. They've been there for weeks and the usual vultures haven't snapped them up yet.

    Do they know something that I don't? They didn't make it to the fantastic Advent Thread ( so I am guessing that they are too Jensenized to be worth buying?

  2. 10seventy9

    10seventy9 Active Member

    I have a pair of them and I really love them. I do think that they were at least somewhat "Jensenized", but I love the way mine sound and I wouldn't part with them. When I bought mine, I got them new from a place called K's Merchandise, and they were on closeout, they had been $299 each, and I got them for half off. I had seen them in the store several times but I wasn't in a position to fork out $299 each for them. When they came down to half price, though, I jumped on them, and I am so glad that I did.
  3. guscjr

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    Balch Springs, Tx
    I do hope that at a thrift store price, you took a chance and bought them. 'Cause if you didn't, you missed a real bargain. I'm listening to a pair that I got in a package deal from a guy selling his roommate's system for him: pair of Advent Eternity and pair of Advent Questras all needing refoaming plus a Technics 5-disc CD player and JVC Pro Logic receiver - $60 total.

    The Eternity's are similar to Advent Heritage (dual 8-inch woofs with dome tweeter) except the cabinet seems a bit narrower and taller and they have a passive radiator. That narrower cabinet gives them improved imaging. The tweeter might be slightly improved too. I just finished refoaming the woofers yesterday so they're not even close to being broken in yet, but I really like what I'm hearing especially in the upper bass and high end.

    Bottom line: if you find these just needing refoaming at a garage sale, thrift store, etc., grab them. They are a real sleeper.:thmbsp:
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  4. Doug G.

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    Rochester, Minnesota
    There is nothing wrong with the Jensen era Advents.

  5. lunchmeat

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    Columbus, Ohio
    I totally agree. I have a pair of recapped Legacy 2s and they are keepers. I have some better speakers but none that I am as attached to. I like them better than my NLAs although they are a nice listen as well.

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