Advent "Laureate", anyone own them?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Greyhawk17, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Greyhawk17

    Greyhawk17 Well-Known Member

    Local person selling a pristine pair of Advent Laureate towers, nice looking
    speakers....Does anyone know anything about these, or own a pair,? I have
    never heard this particular Advent, although I have a couple pairs of earlier
    Advents, Thanks in advance.......Cheers!
  2. jpdylon

    jpdylon non-active member...

    Made by Jensen around the early 90s

    dual 6" woofers and a soft dome tweeter. They are very good sounding speakers especially if you are tight on space.

    If you can get them for under 50 bucks and all drivers work, I'd go for it. If you can get them under 80 bucks with refoamed woofers and working tweeters, go for it.

    The woofers were the same ones used in the baby advent series. If the woofers don't look like these:
    Don't buy em!

    and of course, the most important thing is how they sound to your ears. I have a small integrated amp i take with me along with a portable CDP if I'm really serious about buying speakers. They probably aren't on par with the real original advents, but they are damn good contenders!

    happy hunting.
  3. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    I've enjoyed the Advent/Jensen period speakers like these.

    An often overlooked period, the models like the Legacy, the Maestro, the 6003, the Laureate, and others are still fine speakers indeed.

    The Baby advents are an impressive and under-rated smallish speaker, often being sold for $20 to $40.

    The larger models rarely go over $100, usually in the $50 to $80 range, with the occasional Maestro going for $100 to $150.

    But that price is not common.

    Legacys should sell for $20 to $80, max.
  4. Greyhawk17

    Greyhawk17 Well-Known Member

    Advent Laureate

    Howdy Again,
    Thanks to both you for the reply, will go check these out ASAP, they are
    supposedly like 'new'.....Currently have both the "baby" Advents, and a nice
    pair of Legacy ll's, extremely smooth speakers, the "babies' are perhaps the
    most surprising/satisfying for a 'small' speaker, up on stands, excellent!......
  5. Teradacto58

    Teradacto58 Super Member

    It seems like my Laureates have 4x replacement woofers. They look lik GRS....sold at Parts Express.....2 odd tweeters screwed in behind the Advent tweet is a ground down Cerwin Vega...the other is a generic titanium tweeter......
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  6. RebelKat

    RebelKat Resident Tiger

    If they are truly in pristine condition, and have all of the original drivers, I'd go for it if the price was no more than $100. I've got the Legacys, prodigys, and a couple sets of babys and they are all surprisingly good for their size. Good looking, and great bang for the buck.
  7. nickv41

    nickv41 Well-Known Member

    Similar to the Advent Heritage model which I own. The Heritage has dual 8 " woofs and the Laureate has dual 6.5" woofs. Great sounding speakers. Nice tight bass. I use my Heritage as front mains on my HT set up. I have yet to find other speakers that will unseat them.
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  8. tmad40blue

    tmad40blue "I can hear forever!" Subscriber

    Ours still need refoaming, but they still sounded very nice, despite being played for 30 seconds at low volume. Can't wait to hear them at their full potential.
  9. rjohn

    rjohn Active Member

    I have a pair of Advent Maestros in excellent condition. I even got the original boxes with them when I bought them. I refoamed them and I think they are excellent speakers. I have a pair of the original large Advents and I think the Maestros are far better. I have Altec/Lansing, Advent, Dahlquist and various Kabuki type speakers and I think the Maestros are as good as any of them except the Dahlquist which are better. I know the Maestros are not anything like the Laureate, but I was just commenting on the overall quality of the "Jenson" era Advents.
  10. skibjr

    skibjr AK Subscriber Subscriber

    +1!! :thmbsp:
  11. nickv41

    nickv41 Well-Known Member

    I have the Maestros too. I think they were the only 3 way model of Advent. Not a Henry Kloss design though they are decent but I still prefer the two way Advents.
  12. algomez

    algomez New Member


    I ran into a pair of Advant Laureates at the local thrift shop for 30.00. The woofers needed the surround but everything else was pretty solid.

    I have never redone a speaker cabinet but I really dig how they turned out using Minwax water based china red stain and their glossy clear.

    For the record I don't know much about vintage audio equipment or speakers but I would love to. I guess I'm in the right place:)

    Check it out:

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  13. tmad40blue

    tmad40blue "I can hear forever!" Subscriber

    Super cool look :thmbsp:

    Please remember not to use them until all of the drivers have been properly refoamed. You risk damaging the voice coils of the drivers.
  14. algomez

    algomez New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I have not used them yet. I'm still redoing the second one. I'll wait a day or two to use them.

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