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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Rickman, May 4, 2006.

  1. Rickman

    Rickman Advent Junkie

    How good are the Advent Laureate speakers? Are they better that the large advents or worse? Any specs would be nice, thx.
  2. jpdylon

    jpdylon non-active member...

    I've used both, and the large advents were much better. THe laureates are nice speakers, and great if you have space constraints. THe bottom end isn't quite as good as the large advents, however that's apples and oranges.

    The laureates have two 6.5" woofers (the same used in the baby advents) and one soft dome tweeter similar to the one used in the advent 5002. As for frequency response, I'm not certain but they are probably around 45hz - 20khz.
  3. Rickman

    Rickman Advent Junkie

    thanks, i just saw them on ebay for a buy it now at about $75, and thought that they looked pretty good, especially for a advent guy like me. =)
  4. jpdylon

    jpdylon non-active member...

    I was an advent fanatic at a time too. THey were affordable, sounded great and looked unique. My remaining two pair (large advent, and advent /1) went to my girlfriend along with a sui 5000x (after repairing the driver boards) for a anniversery present. She loves em, plays em everyday, and always thanks me.

    The laureates I had went for 80 bucks to a nice gentleman who still sends me an e-mail once in awhile to tell me how good they sound.
  5. Donp

    Donp New Member

    hi all this is my first post

    i picked up a pair of Advent Laureate at a fleamarket for $25.00 O YAAA a steal the cabes are mint but thay need refomed not a problem thanks to all the nice audio heads in the AK fourm, that post where to get the best parts for the best price. and tips tips tips THANKS A Lot

    i am looking for a vintage reciver to get the best sound from the speakers. i am looking at a Pioneer SX-1050,MARANTZ 2275 or MARANTZ 2285 . looking for the best sound to power
    or any other suggestions would be a big help thanks
  6. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    DonP, seek out members re-edger or GordonW. They sell foam kits.

    As for the receiver, a million good brands out there- Pioneer, Sansui, Kenwood, Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha- the list could go on forever.

    Heavy is good. Aluminum (or blackened aluminum) faceplates are good.

    For solid state, I'd recommend no less than 20 wpc, but think that a minimum of 30wpc is better to aim for, if not 40, 50 or 65wpc.

    Welcome to AK, and best of luck!

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