ADVENT Prodigy tower speakers... worth anything?

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by iloveitloud, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. iloveitloud

    iloveitloud Active Member

    There is a set of ADVENT Prodigy towers on CL by me for $80.00 Are these any good for anything, or should I forget about them? I understand they are not shielded, so they can't be near a TV. Are they decent for regular music listening?
  2. Steelman

    Steelman Super Member

    How are the foams, grills, cabs...I think, for a mint pair 80.00 is a bit high. I had a pair that needed a refoam and all I paid was 10.00 for the pair. They are very nice sounding speakers but for 80.00...I might pass.
  3. MAXZ28

    MAXZ28 Addicted Member


    If you're patient, you can find these pretty easy for much less. I got a pratically mint pair as freebies and refoamed the woofers. They sounded pretty decent - my nephew loves them.
  4. bryana

    bryana You have my stapler!

    I agree
    I like them but the going rate around these parts is under fifty.
    Prodigy and graduates are both decent speakers and I have a pair of each. Seem to be pretty common round here and almost always need refoaming. Factor the cost of the foams into what you want to pay. They seem to turn up at thrifts quite often.
  5. superdog

    superdog AK Member Subscriber

    Decent speakers but $80 is high.If they have been refoamed $50 is a good price.
  6. Celt

    Celt Space Doggy Super Mod Subscriber

    Value questions belong in D&S. Moved.
  7. clydeselsor

    clydeselsor Lunatic Member

    I have a pair. Thet are nice sounding speakers. I bought them new back in the day for $200 for the pair.
  8. Robisme

    Robisme Sansui Enthusiast Subscriber

    $80 is too much. I had a pair I sold for $40. Got them free cause they needed surrounds.
    They sound OK. The Legacy is a much better speaker.

  9. sancho22

    sancho22 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I have two pairs - Prodigy and Prodigy II. Both have a bit rough cabinets but were refoamed. Paid $10 for the 2 pairs. I think for $80 you can get better speakers if you are patient. However, your system, room, and preference might lead to a different conclusion. Still, I would not pay more than $40-50 even for a pristine pair. YMMV.
  10. mval2000

    mval2000 New Member

    Advent Prodigy Tower

    I know this an old thread but I wanted to briefly share my experience with them. I got a pair from a neighbor who was throwing them out along with a JVC cd changer. The advents were in good cosmetic condition except for the foam surrounds needing to be refoamed. I refoamed the surrounds and ordered a new set of tweeters for good measure. These speakers sound decent. My girlfriend is using them in her dining room these days. They are being powered by a Yamaha CR-820. She is a happy camper with this setup.:yes:
  11. Mystery

    Mystery constantly upgrading...

    They are not bad speakers.
    I had them and sounded good.


    Value wise, I got them for $10 as it needed surrounds and sold for $85 after refoam but I was lucky to get that much as they only bring around $50.
  12. Montycat

    Montycat You can call me Andrew Subscriber

    I think they are quite decent too. I had a set I refoamed that I sold for $100 (last Christmas day!). I can't remember what I paid, but maybe $30? Since most people won't refoam or even know what that means and to get it done by someone else is $40 or more per driver I think it was fair for all concerned.

    Advent Prodigy Towers by Buhduh, on Flickr
  13. bobsvinyl

    bobsvinyl Painfully Aware Subscriber

    I bought a pair this past summer for $10.00 with rotted surrounds. The rest of the speakers were in perfect shape. The nice thing about the Advents is the surrounds are very easy to replace. I use them as rear speakers in my studio matched up with some ADS and I really like their sound.
  14. macabre1993

    macabre1993 Music Addict

    Picked up a clean pair w/rotted surrounds for $20 and the seller threw in a clean old Onkyo cassette deck! The Onkyo was worth more than $20... I need to do a refoam on my venerable old Realistic subwoofer and will knock out the Advents while I'm at it. Plan on using them as side channels in a 7.1 set up...
  15. Mystery

    Mystery constantly upgrading...

    Not to side track but I also had the shorter/wider Prodigy II version and even though they use same drivers, they sounded much better than the towers. :scratch2:
  16. MacNoob

    MacNoob dazed and confused

    A pair of those would match my Baby Advents very nicely.
  17. RedbowTies88

    RedbowTies88 Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a pair of these for $25 that needed foam. $8.99 later for foam with free shipping and I'm very impressed. I wasn't expecting much but what I got are a set of funky sized very well balanced speakers. The response to me sounds very even across the board even down low where you would expect a speaker of this size to be lacking.

    I'm a very happy camper. Great bang for the buck!
  18. kwape

    kwape AK Subscriber Subscriber

    A seller in my area is asking $40 for a pair that need new foam. The foam is already off but they are clean besides that and I am able to re-foam myself. I could offer him $20 and go up to 30 if need be so would that sound reasonable? Also, given that the smaller versions of these are viewed to sound better, would adding some dampening to the cabinets help improve the sound at all? Just a thought.
  19. Mystery

    Mystery constantly upgrading...

  20. RedbowTies88

    RedbowTies88 Well-Known Member

    Mine had quite a lot of dampening material in them. I'm not so sure that the prodigy towers would benefit greatly from bracing and they're so small and seemingly well built.

    I would offer $25 and see what the gentleman says.

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