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Discussion in 'AK News' started by luvvinvinyl, Aug 3, 2007.

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    Hey, there, boys and girls! Between the across-the-board contests, like the recent subscription contest, and individual forum-specific contests, there is lots of stuff being given away. I'd like to make a couple of things clear.

    If you win anything from an AK contest, you will be ineligible to win again, for 120 days.

    If you are outside the United States, you, the winner, will be responsible for any taxes/duties incurred, if any, when your prize enters your country's Customs agency. (That doesn't preclude you from arranging a partial AK Pony Express, if that is to your advantage.)

    Those of you who visit only one or two forums, to the exclusion of others, are going to miss out on some of the contests, so broaden your horizons, and put that "New Posts" button to work. Free stuff is always good.

    Good luck, everybody.


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