AK Design Collaborative - Insignia-Class Economy Speakers (a.k.a Indignia)

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Zilch, Apr 19, 2008.

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    I'm going to use this post to continue Zilch's tradition of assigning serial numbers to completed (with pictures) Indignias. So....

    01, 02 Zilch
    03, 04 RayW
    05, 06 Robie
    07, 08 comrade boris
    09, 10 beans
    11, 12 BmWr75
    13, 14 vintage-yungin
    15, 16 yungin's-dad
    17, 18 webbb
    19, 20 Jackgiff
    21, 22 gcarlberg
    23, 24 wiredbecker
    25, 26 Russellc
    27, 28 specialidiot
    29, 30 BeerCan
    31, 32 Tiver
    33, 34 jimbofish
    35, 36 1MOR
    37, 38 stratmel
    39, 40 mjennens
    41, 42 peterz
    43, 44 dnewma04
    45, 46 RayW
    47, 48 marantzfan
    49, 50 interalian
    51, 52 BlueFlyingV
    53, 54 oldskl
    55, 56 Specialidiot
    57, 58 nerdybrew
    59, 60 aspalmacin
    61, 62 krammer
    63, 64 Scriber06
    65, 66 woody007
    67, 68 donprice
    69, 70 Wildcataz
    71, 72 3939
    73, 74 4343
    75, 76 Sholodenko
    77, 78 Blast
    79, 80 isaeagle4031
    81, 82 Trumbo
    83, 84 guptonr
    85, 86 Jackgiff
    87, 88 Sir.Byrd
    89, 90 dnparadice
    91, 92 lmnop55
    93, 94 as350
    95, 96 jashock
    97, 98 Blast

    That was my original post in this thread, just for posterity.
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  4. Celt

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    I'm Celt. Glad to know ya. :)
  5. Urizen

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    Same here.[​IMG]
  6. Zilch

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    The whole enchilada.

    I'm starting at the front, here:


    and here:



    Somebody wants to buy the cabs prebuilt and beautifully finished, they're available from PE.

    Somebody wants to stick whatever we come up with in a shoebox, that'll work, too.... :yes:
  7. kfa888

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    Whatcha loading it with?
  8. Zilch

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    Ray's "ponderin'" for us.... ;)
  9. stuwee

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    "I like to watch"-Chauncy Gardner, I love to listen-stuwee, I have nothing to contribute, huge sigh of relief from panel:D
  10. RayW

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    I was pondering what I would put in it. Am I supposed to be deciding what the project will be based on? I guess I'm not clear on the concept. Let's get that figured out...Are we going to have a driver complement and folks do their own enclosure design and crossover? Or is everyone on their own?

  11. Robie

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    Fun stuff.

    Thanks for picking up the ball and running with it, Zilch and Ray.

    Suggestion: As you progress, dumb this down for those of us who generally don't like to start a project unless we actually know what we are doing.
  12. RayW

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    As I understand it, which is tenuously at best, we're going to design an econo system where the spiffy PE cabs could be substituted if you want to spend some more bucks. Guess that ties us to that volume...or one of the curved cabs anyway.

  13. Zilch

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    Yup, like you suggested in the Insignia thread, a driver complement, preferably available from an AK sponsor, or a combination of them, which members may acquire within the constraints of the target system cost.

    I have suggested an Insignia-esque enclosure size and design as a starting point, with certain advantages. The cab is a major hurdle for many potential DIYers.

    I believe that cab or similar can be made economically, and I'm hoping one or more of AK's more skilled cabineteers will step forward and offer to make them, unfinished, or as a kit, once we figure out how to build them. Again, I have some ideas as to how to do it, but maybe they know better ways.

    Curved plywood and MDF panels are commercially available:


    They're also not terribly difficult to glue up using a form.

    Once the drivers are selected and the baffle size and layout finalized, it doesn't much matter what's put behind it, as long as it's well constructed and has the requisite the design volume, so builders have the option of using the Collaborative cab or one of their own incorporating the specified baffle. If we design around the stock PE cabs, buying their nicely finished cabinets would be an additional option.

    We'll come up with an appropriate crossover for the final driver/baffle combination, which anyone can build, with recommended components and board layout.... :thmbsp:
  14. RayW

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    After a quick bit of looking, I'd love to try the Tang Band W5-704 but it looks like PE won't have it until June and I can't find it anywhere else. If somebody wants to order 1000 directly from TB I'll take 2.

    I've always wanted to play with the Silver Flute drivers too but Madisound isn't a sponsor (hey muckmucks, you wanna work on that? :D).

    I've heard good things about the Dayton DA175. With an aluminum cone the LP might get a little more complex than we want but it's fairly inexpensive for a normal (non-sale) driver with good performance.


  15. Zilch

    Zilch Curve Junkie Subscriber

    Getting that "oversize" driver behind the grille of my suggested baffle may be iffy. I think a more standard 6.5" will go, but I'm going to have to get a pair of the baffles in here to measure what the limits are.

    The FR looks like it gets messy above 2 kHz, and prior experience tells me we're going to have difficulty getting a tweeter to play nice down that low.

    [Unless we use hornz.... :p: ]
  16. RayW

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    That's why I like the TB. It's pretty smooth out to 5k or so. Just not easy to find. :cool:

    As far as size, I think that baffle is 7.5" wide and the cutout on the 7" speaker would probaby be around 6". However I don't think the speaker would like an enclosure as small as .25cuft. Guess I'll have to start looking at smaller drivers. The smaller version of that critter doesn't get the reviews of the 175.


  17. RayW

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    Ok, a look at the Audax AP130ZO shows that it would work well in a .25cuft box. With a 1.75" x 6" port we'd be looking at F3 of 67Hz F6 of 55Hz and F10 of 46Hz. It has smooth response up over 3kHz and isn't too bad after that until cone breakup about 5k. Match it up with something like Vifa D27TG-05 ($22) and we'd probably have a decent start.

    The Audax is on sale for $19 at PE right now but is usually available (i.e. not a buyout) from them for another $10.

  18. onwardjames

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    Okay, you guys are spouting quite a bit of technical jargon....

    is it possible to run some type pvc tube out of the port on the Insignias into an altogether different box...get more bass, sorta like a sealed, firing into a ported??

    Am I a freakin' 'tard??

    I know it'd be BUTT-Fugly but perhaps easy...

    Oh, never mind. I am a 'tard.
  19. YamahaFreak

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    I would've tried that had you not suggested against it. I'm like that. :D
  20. onwardjames

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    When I was into car audio in the late '80's, we would put sealed boxes INSIDE another box that was ported. Loud as hell. I think some of the older Bose speakers used that technology, porting the front waves and sealing the back, or whatever. Lot of math using Thiel-Small parameters, but it utilizes both movements of the woofer. If u got curved pvc, painted it black, and fired it into another box, perhaps it could work.

    Or, we could all just pull the drivers and build nice taller, slim cabs like the Boston Acoustic A-70's have....???

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