AK Winterfrankenfest pictures and videos

Discussion in 'Events & Happenings' started by C6Bill, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. C6Bill

    C6Bill Well-Known Member

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  2. RossW

    RossW AK Subscriber Subscriber

    That was quick!

    It was great to see everyone again and meet new people. A big thanks to Frank and Jim.
  3. cc43fan

    cc43fan I'll sleep when I'm dead Subscriber

    I would like to say thanks to Frank and Peter for hosting a wonderful event. As much as I enjoyed seeing and listening to all of the gear, the highlight for me was the great conversation and meeting everyone.
    Thanks to all for making my first Frankenfest a fantastic experence. I'm looking forward to many more!! :thmbsp:

  4. C6Bill

    C6Bill Well-Known Member

    Here is Paul, the delihaus, making his grand- better late than never entrance :D


    Jim showing off his cable :eek:


    And this guy was just about to show me one of his fingers, must have been something I said :scratch2:


    And here's a picture of Jim asking me why I am following him around with a camera :nono:


    I found this man in a dark hall way, at my age I should know better than to go into dark hallways :zoom:

  5. Urchinn

    Urchinn AK Subscriber Subscriber

  6. steph_gaynor

    steph_gaynor AK Subscriber Subscriber

    great pix

    I am bumming I did not get a chance to talk to you (Bill) more. Did you leave on the early side?

    Hope you had fun, I know I did. Stephanie
  7. C6Bill

    C6Bill Well-Known Member

    Hi Steph
    I got there around noontime and had to leave around 4:30, if I don't get home to give the dog's their dinner they are not happy. And if they are not happy they will do something that will make me unhappy and none of us want me unhappy LOL
  8. C6Bill

    C6Bill Well-Known Member

    And lets not gloss over the fact that there were no Girl Scout cookies, we were told there would be Girl Scout cookies :grumpy:
  9. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber


    Whoa! What is that sitting atop that Altec Valencia? :-O
  10. C6Bill

    C6Bill Well-Known Member

    Here's a better picture of them :thmbsp:

  11. Tom in RI

    Tom in RI AK Member Subscriber

    Big thanks to Frank and Peter. This was my first time at one of these shindigs, definitely looking forward to doing it again.
  12. C6Bill

    C6Bill Well-Known Member

    Real nice to meet you today Tom :thmbsp:
  13. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I still wanna know what it is - it's not in my mental database; it looks desireable :)
  14. beemer

    beemer Vintage Graduate



  15. w1jim

    w1jim I can fix it but good... Subscriber

    I think a most excellent time was had by one and all!
    Frank, Peter and I estimated that we had 50 attendees which I think makes this the best attended independent GTG in the Audiokarma extended family.

    I think the best part is how everyone gets along together and how everyone is eager to help out - be it in food prep, helping others to load and unload their treasures, clean up or whatever. All-in-all a most cohesive group, all eager to sample the differing views, likes and dislikes.

    For the next event we'll likely have a cookout over at Frank's chateau in the early summer and then probably another larger event like this one in October.

    Our gift to Frank and Peter was appreciated and the balance will be donated to AK.

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  16. mhardy6647

    mhardy6647 AK Subscriber Subscriber

  17. chinacave

    chinacave AK Subscriber Subscriber


    They were parked in your driveway for a short time this evening!

    B&W DM-70 Continentals

    Thanks for the hospitality and the too short listen to your amazing system.

  18. audiodon

    audiodon AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I'd like to say as the gift funds collector just what a fabulous group of people you all are. Usually you have to chase people for funds they've promised, not get your inbox stuffed with paypals and have hands stuff money in your pockets. Yeh, that was the fun part delihaus!

    I'd like to give a special shout out to a few guys who donated money for the fest even though they weren't coming, couldn't possibly come or couldn't make it this time.
    If I'm missing someone, tell me so. PM me and I'll add you here to the special post of fame.
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  19. Urchinn

    Urchinn AK Subscriber Subscriber

  20. fcarpcarp

    fcarpcarp Active Member

    And thank you for coming Chuck. It's always wonderful to see new faces.
    This is a fantastic group of people, and it is they who make it all work.

    I agree with you, as much as the gear and the love of music brings us together, it's the people who really matter.There are none better than this bunch.



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