AKFest 2012 SMAC Room System

Discussion in 'SMAC Forum' started by jmathers, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. jmathers

    jmathers AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Time to start assembling our SMAC room system for this year.

    Main core system listened to and approved 3/25/2012


    Bob's Gold-cones
    Dennis' Edgarhorns

    6CB5A amps - Pak

    AES/Cary AE3 (6SN7, linestage only) - Jeff
    DIY Linestage - Pak

    Jolida JD9 (modded)- Jeff

    NEC T-710 - Scott

    Lenco B51, Shure M97xe - Jeff
    Ortofon 2M Bronze - Rob

    Furutech GT40 USB Dac and phono - Mike
    Arcam CD82 - Dave
    Pioneer ELITE 79Avi - Scott

    Denny's bullet proof power conditioner

    Krikor (Craig)

    Krikor (Craig) - Room Tune Panels

    Uroford (Steve)

    Fluorescent posters (framed) for a retro hippie 70's thing - Bob
    Blacklites, a lava lamp, maybe beads for the door way, an oriental rug - Rob
    HY69 Nite Light - George
    50s RCA glasses -DC

    Don't forget to bring some music to stay in the room!!!!!
    Jeff Box o' LPs
    Jeff CDs
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  2. jmathers

    jmathers AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I think we can shoot for either but I'd prefer BIG room speakers!
  3. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    I have my Edgarhorns with the big Heils that were on my tall JBL scoops but now are on front loaded bass horns. The foot print for the horns is 2' x 2.5' and the Edgarhorns are at eye level.
  4. jmathers

    jmathers AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Now we're talkin'.....:thmbsp: Newman won't dare come near us.
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  5. DC

    DC "Manhattan Boy" Subscriber

    I am afraid I can only support the system by sending a cheque (which is in the mail) to support the room. :)

    Maybe I'll try to get some tunes together to bring or something ... and Cognac.
  6. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    Cool, I love Cognac.
  7. jmathers

    jmathers AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Do these require that we use multiple amps?

  8. jmathers

    jmathers AK Subscriber Subscriber

    No worries. Thank you very much!

  9. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    Eighter way Jeff. I figure for this application, one amp would be best. I have a passive crossover.
  10. jmathers

    jmathers AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It's like a ghost town around here.......
  11. jamich

    jamich Active Member

    Whoa, what kind of Cognac? Wait, this is supposed to be about equipment. Sorry. I have a Balveinie at about 97 dB sensitivity.
  12. Bellair

    Bellair Active Member

    I will have my newest speaker project ready soon using a ribbon tweeter 5" mid and 10" subwoofer designed by Dave Clark for Chrysler going through a short transmission line to a 12" passive radiator. This is working out to be better than the system I had at the last show having a little more detail due to the ribbon. A 60 watt tube amp will fill a large room well. Chrysler had to stop use of the woofer for production due to the prototype builds panels buzzing too much.
  13. jmathers

    jmathers AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sounds interesting......when will they be ready? Keep in mind we want to listen to our options well before the Fest.

  14. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    Hey Bell, is your sub(s) stand alone? I am bringing 2 subs with me as my midbass horns only go down to 100hz.

    Jeff, how are we doing the pre listening? Do we have to bring everything down to the hotel weeks before the fest, or are you coming over? If you are coming over you can help me set up my Marble turntable:D
  15. jmathers

    jmathers AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I was thinking we could arrange an informal listening somewhere - since your speaks are so damn big it'd be easier if I just come over.....as well as any other interested parties?

    Does this mean we have decided on your speakers? I haven't seen anyone the least bit interested in the room setup besides you, me and Bob. Looks like we may have the run of the place ourselves.:sigh:

  16. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    I am planning on bringing them, so I'm in. I am sure others will start stopping by as time goes by. The fest is a ways off, but best to start planning now. I am getting ready to have the midbass horns painted with auto flip-flop red/purple. I have to sculpt legs for then too. I will have that all done by the end of the month.
  17. ashok

    ashok AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Maybe I should send some stuff over from Massachusetts. :D

    My Keces DAC 131.1 is available if there is any interest, and you guys can ship it back within a reasonable amount of time after the AK Fest. It is a few years old, but a solid performer.
  18. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    Hi Ashok. I hope the east coast is treating you well. Will you fly back for the fest?
  19. Bellair

    Bellair Active Member

    I now have a job!!! So it will take a couple weekends to finish up. They are ready for listening but I need to take them out for a different acoustic environment to tweek to the best compromise in various conditions. They are my traveling pair and need to work everywhere. When is the next meeting? I will be there.
  20. ashok

    ashok AK Subscriber Subscriber

    So far so good Dennis. Unlikely I will fly back for the fest unless I can swing a business trip to AA during that time.

    I think this thread will start heating up once we get to amplifiers and preamps.

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