Allison IC-20 speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by WmartinB, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. WmartinB


    Hello - Picked up a pair of these today, any thoughts? Cabinets are super solid, Drivers could be in better condition but I can't complain for the price I snagged them for

    Anyone have experience with these? Any demand out there?
  2. frommerstop

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    I haven't heard a pair of those since the late eighties, or early nineties, but I remember being impressed at the time. They were Allison's shot at state of the art at the time, and sold for over $5k! I listened to some before I bought my KEF 107/2s, and thought they were very good... just not quite the voicing I preferred, and the remote control & almost surreal imaging affects weren't really my cup of tea. They were pretty cool to play with though.

    Allisons, of all vintages up to the mid nineties, are justifiably very well respected, but haven't developed such a following as to push their resale up too much.

    For a collector, I think IC-20s should be something to shoot for as they were the pinnacle of Allison development along room interaction ideas, but they come up so seldom that it's hard to put a current value on them.

    It would be a lot of fun to fix up a pair & play around with them in any case.
    I envy you that!
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    Here are some pictures of the speakers

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    Just joined this forum after finding your IC-20 posts. Have a lot of IC information to share and photos of my pair.....just running now for election day and to pick up my wife from the train station!
    This thread is nearly 2 years old I see........hope there is still some interest.
    Think I saw your pair on Craig's list or a pair just like it?

    Best regards,

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