Altec Lansing stonehenge II

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by starchland, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. starchland

    starchland New Member

    how are they worth looking at for 300?
  2. NeilT

    NeilT Active Member

    Sydney Australia
    Very sweet and very loud and very punchy and very deep and beautifully made cabinets.

    Classic medium sized 70's Altecs - I bought a pair way back then and eventually sold them when I moved to a smaller pad. If I lived in NY I'd run not walk.:thmbsp:

    - Neil
  3. jimfet

    jimfet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    It seems their list were $800 new. We sold them for $700. I think one of the best looking speeks Altec made.
  4. dshoaf

    dshoaf That high voltage buzz Subscriber

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Agreed, jimfet. The ones I've always lusted after were the Stonehenge IIIs with the 604 coaxial in it.

    As far as marketing goes, this is probably the best name ever given to a speaker. The tall, narrow (for its time) cabinet and the Stonehenge name were brilliant. Unfortunately, Altec's distribution at the time wasn't too good, at least on the east coast and many dealers didn't carry them - at least in my experience. I've never heard the Stonehenge series.


  5. jimfet

    jimfet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    You are correct. We could never get over 2 sets. We would sell out and couldn't get anymore for months. Those were some lovely oak cabs.
    They had a papercone tweet, that wasn't the best in the world, but was on par with the rest at the time. Maybe why they went to the coax.
  6. bowtie427ss

    bowtie427ss arigato gozaimashita Subscriber

    Land of Milk & Honey Boo Boo
    Besides parroting what others have already said i would just add that they have a much smaller footprint and more highly accepted WAF than most altecs.

    Sadly the Stonehenge II was the most "cheapened up", and only 3-way version using an RCA made woofer and simplified network, but still an impressively good sounding speaker with the only caveat is it's being at the bottom of the efficiency list for Altec.

    The Stonehenge I used the very rare 427 woofer comprised of the 414/417 basket and the 416/417 motor and reveals much of the low midrange warmth and "life" of the bigger two-way ancestors.

    I think the only reason StonehengeIII got the Stonehenge name was simply from the aspect ratio of it's cabinet, being loaded with 604-8G it really doesn't compare to the other two models in any way.
  7. Fuzzy Lumpkins

    Fuzzy Lumpkins Active Member

    Muskego, Wisconsin
    I have a set in my bedroom. The wife never has complained and actually has said how nice they look.

    I have a single Stonehenge I with a dead tweeter and no grill. I hate to part it out since the cab is nice but the odds of finding a single and a grill is pretty slim.
  8. Wedweb

    Wedweb Active Member

    STL MO
    I have two sets of Stonehenge I's. These are great, and you don't have the run of the mill oak, but afromosian teak. :)

    Though one set has had the woofers replaced with Radio Shack woofers from the late 70's early 80's.

  9. Got one set thinking of parting out

    I have a set that I just haven't had the time to take the parts off. Grilles are ok but broken pegs. I think one tweeter has a hole if I recalled.

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