Angstrom Radix 200 & 400 speakers- Info??

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Wolverine, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Wolverine

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    After getting back from a business trip today I spotted a CL ad for 2 pairs of Angstrom today . I was fortunate enough to be the first caller. Went and picked them up and the taller floor speakers turned out to be Radix 400's and the larger bookshelf speakers are Radix 200's.

    Not a lot on the web about these but from what I saw it looked like they were fairly uncommon. Overall condition is good but there are a few issues here and there. Have only been listening to them for about 45 minutes with some Vivaldi. The Vifa tweeters are singing quite well and so far I am very impressed with them.

    Anyone out there have some specs on these?
    The owner said that he bought them in 1988 for around $1500.

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  2. mikeybc

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    Almost bought a pair of 500's in the late 80's. If you pull the woofer you'll see the entire inside is made like a honeycomb but with squares, I think they just took the B&W matrix (hence he radix name) idea to eliminate cabinet vibration. I had a brochure with a cutaway of the cabinet and it looked like it was filled with tiny 3 inch boxes throughout the cabinet constructed of a plastic material. They were only available in gloss black.
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  3. Wolverine

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    Thanks Mikey

    Well I was hoping someone from up North might know something about them as they were made in Canada. Do you happen to recall the impedence?

    I am guessing they are 8ohms and so far my Marantz 2245 is having no problems driving them.
  4. mikeybc

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    No sorry I can't remember but m guessing 8, the 500's were Rated 94 db efficiency. 400's I think were 92 or 93. I remember them being more efficient than my Paradigms.

    If you measure the dc resistance with an ohmmeter and it read 5-6 ohms or so then you could say they'd be 8 ohms. Impedance will vary with frequency anywhere from say 3-30 ohms. The rating is just an overall average. If your not running hot I wouldn't worry. I wish I still had that brochure... or a photographic memory!
  5. mikeybc

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    If you get a chance to open them up some interior pics would be interesting to see
  6. BOUXY

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    6 OHMS!:thmbsp:
  7. Trius

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    I have a pair of the 200s in my living room as part of the video system. They're being driven by a Denon AVR-888.

    I'm not sure of the impedence, but I bought mine from a friend in Wellesley, ON, who was an Angstrom dealer. I'll see if I can reach him and ask.

    I put new surrounds in a few years ago; they foam had rotted, and I opted for rubber surrounds. I'm not sure if that had any significant effect, but they sound pretty good. While they are a bit bass shy, what they do have is pretty clean. They are heavy little suckers!

    edit: Just say the "6 ohms" statement ... that sounds right, but I will ask my friend anyway. :)

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