Anko Model 360 Tube Tester anyone know about these?

Discussion in 'Tube Audio' started by Amcrebelfan, May 2, 2013.

  1. Amcrebelfan

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    I just got this from Nissanguy it is a beauty. It turns on everything looks great. I have one issue or not I don't know. When testing tubes instructions say set line feed to 80 when I turn the know all the way up it only goes to 60. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong or does it need work? I hope it is a simple thing I am very excited to have one even though I a new tube convert. Got lots of tubes from him to test also. Any help is gladly appreciated.

  2. Olorin67

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    All the tube testers I've messed with needed cleaning of the sockets, and usually new capacitors, or tubes. I have a dozen or so and i dont think i could trust any of them, without a bit of maintenence and calibration. Best is to have a known new or good tube of each type to compare against. Even then, most tube testers do not test power tubes at a high enough voltage to really check them thoroughly, and testing them in an amp for a
    Final check is a good idea.
  3. dieseljeep

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    The Anko tube checker was made in Milwaukee, by the same firm the made the U-test-um drugstore tube testers.
    I don't remember how to set it up, but it was simpler than the Eico's and Heathkits of the day.
    Also, regarding the load it placed on the tube being tested, it put a real load on the tube. You had to let the tube warm up completely or it could be damaged. You would see the tube sparking inside.
    I haven't seen one or used one in 40 years. There must be calibration pots inside to compensate for the initial setting.
  4. Amcrebelfan

    Amcrebelfan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Thanks Diesel jeep, its a great looking tester I hope I can figure it out.

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