Any fans of Art Dudley's Listener?

Discussion in 'The Magazine Forum' started by Bigerik, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Of all the audio magazines I have read, my all time favourite is Art Dudley's magazine, Listener. Art is actually a true journalist, so other than maybe The Absolute Sound during it's heyday, Listener was about the best written audio magazine I ever read. The articles were always interesting and informative, even if you weren't interested in the gear he was reviewing. Really an incredibly enjoyable magazine to read.

    Any other fans?
  2. opt80

    opt80 Moderator Moderator

    I like his writings,I think he spiced up Stereophile quite a bit.
  3. Mortsnets

    Mortsnets AK Subscriber Subscriber

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  4. 1tumbleweed

    1tumbleweed Kozmik Kowboy Subscriber

    I discovered Listener about the same time I discovered Fi, only to see both go under within a short time of each other.

    No more bunnies.
  5. thunderroad

    thunderroad Life begins at 140 mph.

    Oh yes! Listener was my absolute favorite audio magazine!

    I used to buy my copy off the newsstand and eagerly awaited it. Its tight focus on quality 2-channel, vinyl-based home audio was pretty narrow for general consumption, which is probably what did it in, but was right on-target for me and the stuff that I cared about then.

    Fortunately, Dudley's Listening column and other features in Stereophile still carry though a lot of the flavor of the old Listener magazine. He is an excellent writer and I really enjoy his work.
  6. Art K.

    Art K. The Voodoo You Do! Subscriber

    I like Art Dudley in general. Just a cool guy. Excellent audio journalist...I enjoy his openess. Often if he doesn't know something he is brutally honest about it. I appreciate that.
  7. reggaenaut

    reggaenaut Addicted Member

    Tremendous fan of the Listener; almost cried when it went under. I think I still have some mags here somewhere.
  8. Mr. Lin

    Mr. Lin Lunatic Member

    Wish I'd known about Listener when it was around.
  9. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The thing about reading Listener is that it is still relevant. You can pick up an issue today that is 10 years old, and get more out of it than any of the new mags. It really is that much fun to read.
  10. 2526

    2526 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    That's funny; I just looked over the weekend through my (complete) collection of Listener mags for an article that Art wrote on Linn LP12 setup. A very enjoyable afternoon. In fact, I bought a few of the components that were favorably reviewed in the in the mag, and still have them. It was fun to reread the reviews.
  11. redcoates7

    redcoates7 redcoates7 Subscriber

    I still have mine too...quite a magazine!

    I really read Listener in ways I haven't read many publications since...cover to cover, every word, every if I didn't have the slightest idea what the hell they were talking about. I was a big solid state amp guy, but LOVED reading about tubes and horns, and addition to Mr. Dudley, the late Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg's writing was exceptional.

    ...oh, and I learned a lot about "The Band" too :)
  12. Celt

    Celt Space Doggy Super Mod Subscriber

    I've kept all of my Listener magazines, can't say I've ever done that for any other journal. He's the sole reason I've kept my subscription to Stereophile going.
  13. jostber

    jostber Active Member

    Hifi Critic is also a great magazine, and completely ad-free.
  14. Tom Brennan

    Tom Brennan AK Member Subscriber

    I liked Listener because it was one of only two magazines (the other being Sound Practices) that regularly covered horn speakers. Unorthodox.
  15. Mr. Lin

    Mr. Lin Lunatic Member

    Like your avatar pic jostber, that's a great album.
  16. JohnVF

    JohnVF Banned

    My involvement in this hobby at any serious level happened after Listener ceased to exist. Art Dudley's column is one of the reasons I still pick up Stereophile- I wish that the rest of them had his sense of humor and his seeming grasp of reality and following whatever path he wants to.
  17. Billfort

    Billfort AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I loved Listener and still re-visit issues from time to time - they do seem very timeless, at least to me and what I found works in audio.

    Probably the only magazine I enjoyed more was Sound Practices - another I re-read regularly (I have the whole run) as it speaks right to the heart of the systems I love.
  18. Celt

    Celt Space Doggy Super Mod Subscriber

    I had a complete collection of Sound Practices, but being the nice guy that I am :D, I gifted them to my tube lovin' buddy Jay.
  19. Bigerik

    Bigerik AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bill, I still have a bunch of your issues of Listener in storage. In a box. Somewhere. They are safe. Just need to go through them and get them back to you.
  20. DC

    DC "Manhattan Boy" Subscriber

    I was hoping I could talk Erik into becoming a "Listener" lending library for those of us not fortunate enough to have been privy to it in the day. :)

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