Any opinion of the B&W DM570?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Patrick, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Patrick

    Patrick Active Member

    A neighbour wants to sell his B&W DM570's and although I've been able to dig up a spec sheet from B&W's archives I have no idea what might be a fair offer for them. Neither does he. We can't find any price references anywhere. He only recalls that he paid about $900 (CAD) about ten years ago. Anyone know this particular model -- and what a current fair price per pair might be? Thanks for your help. -- Patrick
  2. ProAc_Fan

    ProAc_Fan Addicted Member

    Sir I highly doubt he paid anywhere near $900CAN for those. Considering in 1988 the CAN dollar was much stronger than it is now and FULL MSRP was $325US, I'd wager out the door price with taxes was less than $500CAN. B&W's hold their value pretty well as you can see from the used retail value of $140US. My guess is a fair offer depending on condition would be $150- $200 CAN.



    Manufacture Years: 1988 - 1990

    Additional Information:

    Click here for a definition of Bluebook prices.
    MSRP: $325.00
    USED: $140.00
    Mint: $85.00
    Average: $49.00
  3. Patrick

    Patrick Active Member

    Good to know, and thanks. Has anyone else actually heard them? The specs read fine. This guy rolled over a completely new HT system more than a year ago and this one (Denon PMA-720 amp, Yamaha T-1060 tuner, Sony CDP-670 CD player and the B&W's) has been sitting in boxes ever since. So auditioning them might be problematic and buying them a leap of faith, even allowing my respect for most B&W products. Anyone ever seen a review? Did a search of the usual suspects and came up empty. Thanks again - Patrick
  4. ProAc_Fan

    ProAc_Fan Addicted Member

    Speakers are a personal thing to me. I wouldn't buy unless I could audition them first.

  5. Patrick

    Patrick Active Member

    Mike, personal with me, too -- in an ideal world. And maybe an audition will be possible, here and through my own amp. Don't know this guy well enough to speculate. Just wanted to find a baseline. Yes, over the years I've disliked speakers with dazzling specs, too. And hesitated over speakers I knew little about, then crossed my fingers without hearing them and bought. Like the JBL L20T's from the flea market in this small office. Never owned JBL. These were a crap shoot. Sometimes I win the crap shoot. This was one of those times.
  6. Rootix

    Rootix New Member

    If you have a chance to hear these speakers and get them for up to 100$, do not hesitate. This particular model is very fine construction and it's performance have a great chance to impress you very much. I use these speakers for some time now and it is very unlikely to find amplifier which does not match with DM 570 greatly, speakers are extremely easy to drive even by tiny powered amp like 16wpc, after audition of around 50 amps on these speakers, only one did not sound good, it was Marantz PM 57. There is one thing you suppose to mind while first listening, 4 uf (MFD) capacitors (Bennic) located on crossovers inside the speakers may be dry. It results with saturated bass and weak highs. Original 4 MFD Bennic are almost impossible to spot and in general 4uf's which may be used with these speakers are rare. If you will hear described symptoms it does not mean speakers are broken, but gives you an option to lower the price. In the markets you will find decent caps standard 4,7uf or better 3.9uf, service is simple and I believe everyone can do this on his own. In my opinion B&W DM 570 are close to perfect and they does not sound british ;) they sound as good as your amp, I use vintage Tandy's receiver Realistic STA 82 and this is my perfect match. It may be also good to think of Finearts by Grundig amps.
  7. damacman

    damacman Blown and Injected Subscriber

    I had 620s for a LONG time and loved the heck out of them. IMHO, that is one excellent speaker. I'd pay $100.00 for a nice pair. I sold my 620s for $200 or so a few years ago.
  8. ElSancho74

    ElSancho74 New Member

    I actually just bought a pair of these yesterday at a second hand furniture shop. Got them for free with a sideboard closet we bought :) In perfect condition even, go figure. They're wonderful speakers. So far really the best sounding ones I've ever had, but that's not so hard as I only just started getting back into audio equipment. They're definitely keepers. Really nice deep bass without losing accuracy. Not tiring to listen to at all. I'm actually able to just listen to my music without listening to my speakers if you know what I mean. I'm going to replace my Kef Cantor III's with them.

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