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Any smashing pumpkins fans out there?

Discussion in 'Music Reviews' started by slimecity, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. slimecity

    slimecity Super Member

    New Zealand
    I've ordered Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - the 2012 remaster - and wonder if anyone has heard this 2012 release.

    Played the original the other day and it just sounds muddy. I know that's a hallmark of Floods' production (U2's Achtung Baby sounds fairly similar) but I suspect a remaster will make things shimmer a bit more.

    Not trying to be heretical with this thread - I love the band.

    Anyone applied a critical listening ear to this?


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  2. asilker

    asilker Bible Reader Subscriber

    Chicago IL
    I haven't heard the original master up against the remaster but my guess is it'll move the soundstage up about as far as it'll go.

    The dinosaur Jr "green mind" remaster isna good example of this. IIRC, Mellon collie felt a bit more spaced out than the previous records. We'll see if the remaster maintains that.

    In short I still tend to lean toward the original master
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