Anybody know anything about vintage Toshiba receivers?

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by ToasterBin, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. ToasterBin

    ToasterBin Toasterbin Subscriber

    Gold Bar WA
    In particular, the SA-520, which I've been unable to find much if anything about. Looks to be a solidly built unit, so I am going out today to take a listen.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

  2. nickv41

    nickv41 Well-Known Member

    Waldwick, NJ
    I have an SA-725 doing garage duty. Built like a tank. Very reliable. All i have done to it is a little cleaning and deoxit. Not even a bulb has burned out on this thing.
  3. ToasterBin

    ToasterBin Toasterbin Subscriber

    Gold Bar WA
    Toshiba Receivers

    Thanks Nick!
  4. KingBubba

    KingBubba "Too Much Stuff" Subscriber

    Brooksville, Fl.
    I have an SA-520 and other than peeling vinyl it is a very strong performer.
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  5. tannyhoban

    tannyhoban tannyhoban

    Akron, OH

    I have owned two Toshibas, the SA-7100 and a SC 335 Amp. Still have an SA 7100 and it is indeed built like a tank (50+ lbs.) with very solid sound and a good tuner.

    The SC 335 gave me 10 years trouble free and I regret letting it go, it was a little freak of an amp.

    I wouldn't hesitate to pick up more of the Toshiba gear from the late 70's, early 80's - it's good stuff and frequently flies under the radar.
  6. hpsenicka

    hpsenicka Moderator Subscriber

    west of Toronto, Ontario
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    Note: a request for information, is not a review.
  7. superdog

    superdog AK Member

    Southern Colo.
    I have a sa520 I believe in the garage.I know it works but haven't heard it in so long I couldn't give you an opinion on it.It did come up on a ugliest receiver thread here once.
  8. rob29

    rob29 Active Member

    Ontario, Canada
    I have a yoshiba sb-620 integrated and the 335 seperate set (sy-335, sc335, st-335) The integrated is rated at a modest 62W/ch but seems to put out much higher output and is built like an absolute tank. The 335 amp gave me troubles from the beggining but after a complete overhaul it sounds amazing but is only about 40ish W/ch. I find the sound extremely relaxed, especially the 335 set and I dont think I will be parting with either set any time soon.
  9. mrbruce

    mrbruce AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Tucson, AZ
    An SA-3500 here that I do not plan to part with. A very solid receiver, both tuner and amplifier sections.
  10. Michael-Otto

    Michael-Otto Well-Known Member

    Here the specs from a TOSHIBA catalog 1977, only in german

    Technische Daten HiFi-Stereo-Receiver SA 520
    Empfangsbereich:87,5-108 MHz
    Antenneneingang: 75 Ohm, 300 Ohm
    Eingangsempfindlichkeit: 0,6 µV (26 dB, 60 Ohm), 1,2 µV (26 dB, 240 Ohm)
    Klirrfaktor: MONO 0,2%, STEREO 0,4%
    Frequenzgang: 20-15.000 Hz
    Fremdspannungsobstand:70 dB
    Kanaltrennung: 40 dB
    Gleichwellenselection:1,0 dB
    AM-Unterdrückung: 55 dB
    ZF-Unterdrückung: 100 dB
    Spiegelfrequenzunterdrückung:80 dB
    Trennschärfe:65 dB
    Pilottonunterdrückung:60 dB
    Empfangsbereich: 525-1605 KHz
    Empfindlichkeit: 15 µV
    Fremdspannungsabstand: 50 dB
    Spiegelfrequenzunterdrückung: 40 dB
    ZF-lJnterdrückung: 70 dB
    Sinus Ausgangsleistung: 2 x 37 Watt, 4 Ohm, 1000 Hz, 2 x 35 Watt, 4 Ohm, 20-20.000 Hz
    beide Kanäle betrieben
    Musik Ausgangsleistung: 2 x 47,5 Watt, 4 Ohm
    Frequenzgang: 15-40.000 Hz + 0,5 -1 dB
    Klirrfaktor: 0,4%
    IntermodulationsVerzerrungen: 0,4%
    Lautsprecherimpedanz: 4-16 Ohm
    Kopfhörerimpedanz: 4-16 Ohm
    Dämpfungsfaktor: 45 - bei 8 Ohm
    Eingangsempfindlichkeit und Impedanz:
    Phono mag: 2,5 mV, 47 KOhm
    AUX: 150 mV 50 KOhm
    Tonband: 150 mV 50 KOhm
    Tonband DIN: 150 mV, 50 KOhm
    Loudness: + 10 dB (100 Hz), + 5 dB (10 KHz)
    Baß-Regelbereich: ± 10 dB (100 Hz)
    Höhen-Regelbereich: ± 10 dB (10 KHz)
    Halbleiter: 6 FET's, 2 ICs, 42 Transistoren, 26 Dioden
    Stromversorgung: 220 V, 50 Hz
    Leistungsaufnahme:´310 Watt
    Abmessungen: 530 x 158 x 435 mm
    Gewicht: 18,5 kg

  11. dshoaf

    dshoaf That high voltage buzz Subscriber

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Sold them back in the 70s. When my dealer took on the audio product line, the sales guys considered them a second-level product line to the Marantz, Pioneer, Sony stuff. When I pulled one apart for them to see inside, they changed their minds.

    At the time, most Toshiba, Sanyo and other similar brands were associated with clock radios, and similar little devices that showed up in Dime Stores, discount/KMart, and drug stores.

    For the dealer, Toshiba was agressively priced so that there was better margin in their products, which translated to higher profits. This was because Toshiba didn't advertise or get product reviews from the audio magazines. Today, this explains why there's less known in general about the products.

    In fact, their gear was quite good, performed as good as the big-name gear and still does today - when you can find them. I doubt their sales volumes were anywhere near those of Sony, Pioneer, etc.


  12. donberry

    donberry Super Member

    I have a Toshiba SA-775. Mainly kept it because it is rather unusual looking. Does garage duty with a pair of HPM-100's, or rather, it does my outdoor duty as I open the garage door and crank it when I am outside(have to love the country).
    Well built receiver. I prefer the sound of my Kenwood KR-7600 (same power), but the Toshiba sounds fine, Kenwood just a little warmer, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on speakers and personal preference.
    In the late 70's, was not nearly as popular as the other major names, but just because it was not as popular does not mean not as good.
    Kenwood is known for some pretty decent tuners on their receivers - the Toshiba picks up stations better then the Kenwood.
    Seems it does not have the clarity though, BUT, could very well be it just needs, no, I know it needs, re-capped.

    Overall a very satisfactory receiver. Actually is my most used one at the moment. Must be tough as heck as it is in my un-cooled garage where it is easily over 100 degrees and cranked up for long periods of time - has yet to break a sweat.
    Actually, more I think about it, more I want to bring it in and recap it and move it to a better climate......uh-oh, you just condemned my Kenwood to the 2nd garage...
  13. KingBubba

    KingBubba "Too Much Stuff" Subscriber

    Brooksville, Fl.
    I just looked at my Toshiba receiver yesterday and realized it is a 520, not a 620 as I had remembered. I used it for a long while in tandem with my Kenwood 8010 and it held its ground. It is a nice sounding receiver and I am glad I paid the $8 for it.

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