Anyone have info on RCF SCD 6000 ?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mingo, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Mingo

    Mingo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    There is a pair of RCF SCD 6000 speakers/monitors for sale locally. I did not find much info about them via Google. Anyone have experience or information about 'em?

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  2. rifftrax

    rifftrax mix-meister

    VERY expensive high-end monitor. If you can score them for a couple hundred in working condition you're doing quite well. They are built like literal tanks and may be the best speaker you ever own (depending...)

    If you're talking about the set in S. Austin...for that price you should really go. Resale value isn't great due to obscurity but if you aren't looking to flip these may be the last speakers you ever purchase.
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  3. Mingo

    Mingo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I sent an inquiry to the seller earlier today, but have not received a response. I was trying to get an idea of their size and what is needed to drive them, among other things. It sounds like I may need to arrange an audition.
  4. Turborusty

    Turborusty 2nd hand junkie

    Is this the Mingo I think it is?

    Is this where you've run off to?

  5. rifftrax

    rifftrax mix-meister

    Yes, definitely go (if they're still available) and bring the beefiest amp you can muster.

    They are studio mid-fields so they will take gobs of power. Maybe bring a back brace or moving dollies or something.
  6. Mingo

    Mingo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    You may have this Mingo confused with another one...I have been in the Austin area for many years, perhaps too many considering the changes that this town is seeing.
  7. Turborusty

    Turborusty 2nd hand junkie

    Must be a different Mingo. The one I knew was from an old car club we used to frequent.....he's from San Antonio.

    Carry on then :)

  8. Mingo

    Mingo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Well, I went and checked them out. And decided not to buy them. The tweeter on one of the speakers was not working; not sure if it was a blown tweeter or a bad capacitor. The crossover looked fairly complicated, but I did not investigate too closely. The working speaker sounded great. I was tempted but, in the end, I don't need another project.
  9. KJR-Eng-LLC

    KJR-Eng-LLC New Member

    I have a pair of RCF SCD 6000's and info

    The monitors like some fairly strong power and big cable, I run mine with two amps dropped into mono for about 525W per unit. I run the power in mono because the amp's damping factor is higher in mono and controls the woofer better providing for better accuracy. the mid-high components can be rotated to provide either a vertical or horizontal positioning of the monitor. I have a jpeg scan of the manual if anyone needs the info within.

    The imaging is really good, as is the combined source point from the top end components, smooth & easy to listen to. The monitors will be for sale as of May 15, 2011

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  10. charlieperso

    charlieperso New Member

    I have a pair of them.

    These boxes have been tested on Stereoplay/Italy showing ruler flat anechoic room response from 45 to 18 Khz. Attenuation is 12 db/oct under 45 hz, which means lot of output at 20 hz (think of walls/floor and even ceiling) in a real room.

    MIL is well above 500 watts at lowest frequencies. If I remember well, the magnetic unit for woofer as the one for the mid and tweeter pounds over 5 kg.

    The woofer is a pro unit, of which RCF is rewardered. The domes too come from their experience in horn drivers.

    You can use even good small amps (mines ar now connected to a 35 w Linn Majik), but these are really professional Near Field Monitors, and you can drive them with a lot of power.

    Voicese are really clear, bass instruments very dynamic indeed. Highs could be a little harsh if the amp is not smooth.

    Only, be careful about interactions with the environment, because they could deliver really deeb and powerful low frequencies.
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  11. G-M_London

    G-M_London New Member

    Hello everyone! New guy here; I'v been reading these forums for several years and decided to join.

    I have used a pair of the SCD-6000s for over twelve years. They sound and look as good as the day I bought them. Several pieces of the gear running into them has changed during that time – from Crown to Emotiva etc, and they all sounded fine through the RCFs. By the way, RCF designed the cabinet; the internals are made by Eastern Acoustic Works – a company located in Framingham Ma.
  12. budgetaudio6

    budgetaudio6 Addicted Member

    welcome G-M Some pics would be in order. Perhaps on a new thread.

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