Anyone here using Pioneer Elite A-71?

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by WhiteSE, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. WhiteSE

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    anyone? thoughts? I am looking at one...
  2. WhiteSE

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  3. pioneernut

    pioneernut I need help

    Nice amp, I believe its the same as a Pioneer A-717, and I like mine very much. Lots of power and I've never had any problems with it. About the only thing you might have to do is clean the input selector switches with some Deoxit contact cleaner.
    - Mike
  4. WhiteSE

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    oh yeah...i did see some pics of the A-717 and it did look the same,,THis unit is on audiogon, and it was NOS until 2 years ago....
  5. Sage

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    I have an Elite A-71 and am very pleased with it. The sound is magnificent, especially in the direct mode! I have only used mine with tuners (Elite F-93, and F-91) and a CD player/recorder (Denon CDW-1500). I have not done extensive listening to the phono section, only verified it works, same with tape inputs, but I will be using it on these inputs in the future. It drives speakers to very loud levels without breaking a sweat (120 WPC). Mine get's a little warm on top but no where near hot after hours of playing.

    I communicated with the seller of the piece you are looking at about recent pics but he did not have any explaining that it has been in a cabinet since he opened the box and installed the amp. The asking price seems reasonable for a nearly new unit and is definitely less than I would consider selling mine for! If I did not have a near mint A-71 already it would have been gone as soon as I saw the ad with the BIN price. Go for it and enjoy!
  6. m1.5tman

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    I would have to agree that my A-717 does, indeed, sound sweeter in "direct" mode.:music:
  7. Ekpen

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    Pioneer Elite A-71.
    Greetings to everyone:

    I m new, first time posting. I have an A-71 that looks like new, still smells new, love it. I am looking for the left side panel to buy. Any one knows where I can get a new one or used panel in prestine condition?
    I have searched or made attempts to locate this parts from partstore and, but no success.

    Any info or help will be helpful.
  8. Sage

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    The Elite A-71 is a pretty rare item to find at all. I expect it will take some time to track down a side panel. You might have to wait until a non-working parts donor comes along. The panel shouldn't be too hard for a good craftsman to duplicate a new set in any type of wood although it is beyond my woodworking skill level and tool set. Good luck with your search!
  9. art2music58

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    Pioneer A 71

    The Pioneer A 71 is NOT the same unit as the 717..717v..or 757 the soup can size Elnas are your first hint the second would be the transformers..these are great amps but they are not in the same leaque as the A 71...:no:
  10. pioneernut

    pioneernut I need help

  11. restorer-john

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    As the previous poster has said, they are not the same. Pioneernut- you are incorrect.
    Axel's (TVK) page on the amplifier is also completely wrong- I'll send him an email when I get a chance. He maintains thousands of pages and does a great job, but it is not gospel, especially when piecing together information from all around the world with strange model numbers, confusing pictures and spec sheets that are often wrong.
    The M90a is a completely different power amp and was not used in the A-71. The A-71 does not resemble the A-717 at all, apart from the front panel layout. The M90/a is a dual mono amplifier, the A-717 is NOT. Two transformers does NOT a dual mono amplifer make. They merely run the transformers in parallel to lower the output impedance- there is only one set of dual 22,000uF caps. The 858,71 and 91D all had 27,000uF caps whereas the A-717 had 22,000uF caps.
    The picks are the A-91D for integrated and the C90/M90 for pre/power.
  12. art2music58

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    Anyone here useing Pioneer A-71?

    John ive owned this amplifier for abit over two years i purchased it on Audiogon and it was essentially has a black back ground and beautiful warmth..imo..very,very nice Any other information would be appreciated Thanks. :music: Randy

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