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    After spending this Spring rebuilding two pair of The "New" Advent speakers, I got the bug to work on my Apogee Mini Grands.

    When I first purchased these about 7 years ago, the frame was slightly roughed-up. I initially be-built the crossovers, using Alpha-core inductors, Bybee Slipstreems, Axon caps, and Holand Bypass caps http://www.northcreekmusic.com/Bypassing.html



    I also replaced the 10" subwoofers with ScanSpeaks:


    This past month, I have been re-finishing the frame and front baffle:

    gettin the glue off the back

    Front baffle has been primed and painted with Rustoleum Black Hammered finish:


    Sides re-stained with dark walnut:

    Inside look at the large ribbon:

    The mid-tweeter ribbons prior to the upgrade with Graz's 26-6 XLM2's

    http://www.apogeeacoustics.com/ Check out his website!


    The ribbons are not copper...just the laws of optics playing games:
    More to follow!:D
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    very cool, lookin' forward to reading more....

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    Nice! :thmbsp:
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