AR-9LS vs. ADS L880?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by nadude98, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. nadude98

    nadude98 7MGTE Power!

    Has anyone heard both of these? I would enjoy hearing comparision as I've never read a review on either.....

  2. wank

    wank Moks by popular demand

    I can compare the 9LS to the L880/2. They're both set up in my living room now. (Actually, I modified the crossovers so the ARs are 9LSi - an easy and definite improvement). I've been comparing them on my Pioneer SX-D7000 (120wpc) at the short end of a 18 x 12 room.
    The ARs go deeper - pretty significantly. The bass from these speakers is simply not to be missed. The bass in the ADS is very very tight, with a neat growly quality, but the last octave of the really deep stuff on organ music or ELP "Lucky Man" is just a tramsient unless you hear it from the ARs. So, slightly tighter with the ADS, deeper with the ARs.
    The midrange is a tossup. ADS uses a 2" dome, AR a 8" cone + 2" dome. In the unimproved form, the midrange is hot on the ARs. Male voice range is just way off balance. Improved - they do just about the same thing, with a little rolloff at the upper end of the ARs.
    High end - the ARs roll off, and will sound veiled at first. When you settle in to them, they're just easy to listen to. The ADS are very accurate - almost to the point of being clinical - if that makes any sense. I think I'd like the highs in the ARs to match the ADS - I'm eventually going to recap to see if that gets em there.
    Imaging - both present a very cohesive image is placed correctly. They have very similar driver complement and placement on about the same width baffle.

    So summary - both are dome speakers, the ARs are an East Coast speaker with slightly rolled off highs and insane low bass, the ADS have crisp accurate highs and tight tight bass.

    Hope that helps. If you decide you don't like the ARs, please let me know.
  3. nadude98

    nadude98 7MGTE Power!

    I have always loved the mids to highs on the ADS's, the way a piano sounds on them or acoustic guitar. The drums on Time...:yes:

    I have never listened or heard any reviews on a speaker like the AR's so I am pretty interested to see how this turns out.... I noticed your just up the road!:D

    Since you've done the mod, so please correct me if I am wrong. To do the mod all I need is two 2.5 ohm, and 2 1.5 ohm resistors to do both speakers and I can put them in line right at the drivers, so that that way if I don't like it I can easily remove it, correct?
  4. wank

    wank Moks by popular demand

    I think you have to do it at the crossover - but I'm no electronic genius. I'm sure you'll like it. I did mine right at the crossover.

    I'm going to have to listen to time real quick to see what I think.
    And yes - I'm right up the road. If you're going to be in the neighborhood, let me know. I hate other people listening to my stereo...
  5. nadude98

    nadude98 7MGTE Power!

    AR-9LS up and running.....!

    I got the high frequency drivers and the foam in today and replaced them in the AR-9LS's and put them in place of the L880's.
    I have not done the I mod yet but they sound really good. These are probably the biggest and best speakers I have owned.

    When I say best I am going by the cost and company name!

    I must say these things hit hard! It is going to take some listen to a lot of albums for me to decide if they stay but on first impression DANG!!!:guitar:

    I was listening to Janes's Addiction and on the piece after the song Jane say's the applause was like being there. I swear with these speakers it is like being in a nightclub listening to the band.... Impressive! I not sure how to write a glowing review, my writing skills are not that good, but man they sound nice. They are missing something compared to ADS's but I'm not sure that is a bad thing...:eek:. Why can't I keep all my speakers....:grnbounce

    As far as the Improved mod, I'm not sure I need it or whether I should do it. It is probably the room they are in but on most of the music I have played the highs aren't that ??? Overpowering?? I have also noticed that they sound better turned up...I need more power:yikes:
    I guess the good thing there is I can just add another Carver M1.0t and run them bridged. I wouldn't have thunk 200 watts would be underpowering...:sigh:

    Time will tell what to do!!!
  6. veloceleste

    veloceleste Active Member

    When I had my 9LS I did the mod right at the drivers. It worked fine and made a noticable improvement IMO. Doing it this way allows you to easily remove it if you prefer the unmodified crossover.
  7. thedelihaus

    thedelihaus Questionable Morels Subscriber

    Congrats on some fine speakers.

    I also am a big fan of aDs and AR gear, owning AR 9LSis and aDs L1290s, and a former L1230 owner.

    Be proud you have both pair now- fantastic speakers indeed!
  8. NeverEnough

    NeverEnough MI Member

    ADS L880's

    Nadude98, it sounds as though you are considering purchasing a pair of L880's? Could you tell me how much they're asking? I've got a pair I am considering selling and have no idea what might be a fair price.
  9. nadude98

    nadude98 7MGTE Power!

    No, I have a pair of L880's. I suggest you go to Dollars and Sense forum..:D

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