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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by tubeboob, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. tubeboob

    tubeboob Super Member

    Picked up an Acoustic Research XA turntable this weekend.

    Missing the headshell. Belt is too loose.

    Cosmetically could uses good clean up.


    Paid a little bit, but now I come to know that the headshells are darn nigh impossible to locate at a fair price.

    Also learned that the option is to use Technics arm/parts.

    Any advise?

    Sure does look interesting.

  2. xmas111

    xmas111 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Keep you eye on ebay....sometimes you can get one for a reasonable cost. They're getting more and more rare......thus the high prices.

    As for changing it to the Technics arm/parts, I've never done it but others have and I'm sure they'll chime in.

    Either way, once you get it up and running you'll find it a very enjoyable listening experience.

    Good luck,

  3. Br1ck

    Br1ck Super Member

    It sure would have been better knowing the head shell situation before buying, but you do have a great platform for modding. Lots of information on these tables. Rega tonearms are a popular mod for this table. Google Vinyl Nirvana for a good overview on what can be done with the ARXA.

    Mine was in great shape, so I lucked out.
  4. DannyK

    DannyK Member

    If I can locate it, I have a headshell that somebody (before I got it) attempted to solder on. I will be happy to give it to you if you would like to mess with it and see if it's salvageable.
  5. Cadillac Kid

    Cadillac Kid AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I am surprised no one has made an after market shell for the XA. I have an original on my XA, but would pay for a nice metal one.
  6. marcmorin

    marcmorin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The headshell on an XA/XB is probably the most complicated piece on the table. The start-up costs on manufacture to fit "as is" would be astronomical.
  7. Pio1980

    Pio1980 AK Member Subscriber

    The plastic shell is likely a part of the arm's calculated performance, given Edgar's 'global' approach.
  8. Cadillac Kid

    Cadillac Kid AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I was hoping that with the advances in computerized industrial machines that someone could make new ones, even if they used a similar plastic. I won't hold my breath, while treating it with kid gloves. Anyway, cool find tubeboob. Congratulations.
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  9. Cadillac Kid

    Cadillac Kid AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Wait, here is a better solution. The manual that came with my XA says I can send away for a new headshell for 2 dollars, might as well get two and a dust cover for only another 3 bucks.
  10. gadget73

    gadget73 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sounds like I need an XA to go with my collection of turntables that use funky specific headshells that have no aftermarket option. So far its 3 different Garrards and a Thorens.
  11. 12ax7

    12ax7 Super Member

    Platter mats were the same price, one turned into goo and the other turned into gold.
  12. KrisM

    KrisM Addicted Member

    There is a black one on ebay right now, for a fair price.
    I've read that the black ones are better/more durable than the grey ones. Don't quote me on that, though.

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