AR9LS Towers , anybody?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by ecandle, Dec 20, 2007.

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    long story as to how I came across these so I will spare you the details but I have now 2 pair of these GIANT towers in hand.
    The first pair was missing 1- 5" mid and 1- 12" woofer from the one side so I got them SUPER cheap and stuffed them away and never played them . ( matched SN pr. )
    The second pair I paid too much for , but anyway .... I hooked them up last night and just played them for the first time just the way they were . The 2 downfiring 10" drivers the foams are totaly gone and one speaker the forward firing 12" driver has a 3 " section missing in the foam surround as well. My mission was to just hit the speakers with light volume to see if the Tweeter plate would fire. Whoa.... then I gave them a little more juice (why not right ).... and.... then put on some of my favorite referance music .... then more power..... Half hour later I'm calling a friend over to see if I'm nuts ... (NOTE I'm at keg party volume ) then....POOF my AU-D9 clicks into protect .... I shut her down and moved them over to the
    G2200...... fired them up AWSOME!!!! like butter I tell ya and TIGHT.
    Question please, does anyone have these , I see ebay sales sheets on AR9, AR90, AR91, AR92, AR93, AR94, AR38s, AR28s, and AR18s models but I find nothing on AR9LS ?

    I'm thinking LS stands for "Loud Speakers" they look nothing like the AR9 with the bottom drivers on the sides down low.

    Any info would be much appreciated:D
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    Congratulations ecandle, great score! :D

    I have the AR9lsi's, being reconditioned now. From what I've read, you can mod the LS to an LSI by adding a resistor that smooths out the mids. I think Veloceleste has a very informative post on this on this forum.

    All of the surrounds on the woofers and mids were toast on mine, but I found them very easy to refoam. I'm currently looking for the acoustic foam in the bottom vent.

    A few weeks ago, I was impatient to hear them with the new surrounds. I slapped them in and fired up some Corinne Bailey Rey. The first track, 'Just like a star' was smooth, beautiful, rich and yes, buttery.

    I can't wait to finish these babies up and get them cranking! :music:

    Two more things. 1) I saw a pair recently go for over $800 with a $150 shipping charge, and 2) you can get the 12" woofers reconditioned from vintage_ar, has a store on epay. No affiliation, yada, yada...
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    The search feature is your friend..
  5. ecandle

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    As a laxative may be to you?:drool:
  6. ecandle

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    sweet bro , thanks for the head start I will use this info....:thmbsp:
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    Playing them at anything over a conversation volume with bad surrounds is a no no and asking for major damage. Not only that but they will sound far from how they were designed to sound. Get them fixed before you ruin them. :yes:
  9. wank

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    1. Outstanding speakers. I have a pair and between them and my DQ-10s, I need a billion watts of power, and I'm not looking any more (ok, maybe efficient tube-type speakers)/

    2. The LS to LSi mod is very easy. I did it, and it made a difference. If up to it, while you have the drivers out for refoaming, you should do this, maybe recap, and replace the quick connects for the tweeters - they come off easily.

    3. You don't tug on superman's cape, spit into the wind, or get lippy with Grumpy. That's an instant ticket to Banned-ville. And rightfully so.
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    Yes- be careful. even though you have spare drivers, these aren't readily available and expensive if you do find 'em.

    I've got a pair of the LSis awaiting a stint in rehab.
  11. ecandle

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    thanks , I stopped after a bit , but it was good you know , ( couldnt:thmbsp: help it ) I have the drivers out now and will have them back next Friday
  12. ecandle

    ecandle AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I need the 1 -12" and 1- 5" ( or 4.5" I think actually ) , i need the whole speakers to complete the second pair ?:scratch2:
  13. :yikes: Now that's bold..
  14. ecandle

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    thanks WANK :D 1,2, AND-3...... :no:, did I piss someone off ? Hey I would love to do the LS to LSi upgrade ?

    4 - Have a super weekend :thmbsp:
  15. thedelihaus

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    Plans are to rebuild mine and play 'em.:thmbsp:

    It's good you have a spare pair, either for parts, or rebuild. But I don't often see drivers up for sale. If you want to rebuild that second pair, check out the AR guy on eBay- he's helped a few people with projects, including the unadvertized black goo that's far superior for doping surrounds over other dopings I've seen.
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    methinks if you had pissed someone off you wouldn't have had the opportunity to ask, but then again there is still time...

    ...or perhaps it's the holiday season

    one nub to another..., rules say we play nice here, read listen and learn...

    ...learn all kinds of things.

    happy holidays
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    yes I have discoverd the aR guy and he's cool but very low on stock also, there was a guy with complete pair just a a couple of months ago on ebay that came up within 50 miles of my zipcode and I didnt buy them . Im killling myself over it , drivers for dazzzze... I took my speakers in Monday 7 of them for new surrounds , so I'm down to 1 -12" and 1 - 4.5" Inch or 5" and I will be complete with that task . I looked at the xover for first time this week , looks like a small city in there ?:sigh:
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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I just found it. I still have a pair of AR-9ls speakers along with AR-3a's. Full satisfying sound. They probably need a rebuild, one of the tweeter domes is pushed in courtesy of an idiot brother :(


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