At long last... The Edgarhorns are singing!

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Redboy, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    For those of you who doubted that the day would ever come, I submit...

    ...photographic proof! :yes:



  2. Strangeband

    Strangeband AK Member and Ale Monger Subscriber

    Wow, Nate, those look incredible, and I'm sure they sound pretty sweet, too.
  3. jimfet

    jimfet AK Subscriber Subscriber

    That wood looks great and so does that TT. Is that a Dixielander the horn is sitting on?
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  4. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    Thanks, fellas!

    The wood and the cabinets do look great, thanks entirely to a lot of great work by my favorite resident woodworker, ejfud. Gary finished the horns for me (burning out a drill press in the process! :sigh:) and did quite a bit with the Dixielanders. The Dixies were wrapped in MDF and then veneered in gorgeous teak. Boxes were built onto the backs of them to add more volume for a different driver, and bases were constructed to get them off the ground a bit.

    Here's a "before" picture of the whole shebang.

  5. Urizen

    Urizen AK Subscriber Subscriber

    As usual, beautiful work, Nate.:thmbsp:
  6. vinyldavid

    vinyldavid Proud Jaguar Owner! Subscriber

    Gorgeous :drool:
  7. dc270

    dc270 Now Off The Reservation..... Subscriber

    WOW those horns look like a huge plug of lathed led!! Massive! Very nice- bet they sound great too.
  8. JonL

    JonL Tubeulosis vinylitis Subscriber

    Absolutely beautiful. I never noticed before how thin the walls are on a Dixielander. They look much better thickened up and of course the veneer makes them look great. I'm sure they sound better as well. What thickness MDF did you add?
  9. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    The compression drivers are JBL 2441s, and they do weigh a ton.

    Dixielanders aren't exactly quality products. :no: The cabinets are cheaply built using cheap ply. I think Gary used 1/4" MDF (he'll set me straight if I'm wrong about that). It not only looks better, but it sturdied them up significantly!

    This has been a long time coming because my wonderful wife has been less than enthusiastic about the idea. The speakers are undeniably big and aesthetically polarizing (she having one opinion about them, and I, the other).

    They also required a room rearrangement, which I lobbied hard for. In marriage as in politics, compromises must be made, and the compromise here is that this experiment is just that - an experiment. If it works and proves to be acceptable to all parties, then it might be adopted as law. :)

    The gear is arranged rather haphazardly because of the temporary status - I'd like to hunt down a nice double-wide rack if this sticks.

    Here's the rest of the room as it stands today. If you sit on the other side of the couch, you face the TV (on the right side of the picture). You can just make out the giant shelf system I've been using as an entertainment center. That will get moved out to the garage as soon as I wrangle my neighbor into helping me, again with the understanding that it might eventually come back...

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  10. spartanmanor

    spartanmanor AK Subscriber Subscriber

    How are they for near field listening? Looks like a small room not unlike the one I use.
  11. Andy_H

    Andy_H Behind the Wall of Sleep

    Edgars are really something, ain't they :drool:

    Redboy, I am going to invite myself to come visit you sometime. :D It seems like every time I turn around you're posting some fantastic setup here.
  12. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    They're great in the sweet spot for focused, seated listening, and that's exactly how I listen. The room is bigger than it looks, about 13' wide and 20' long. It's not rectangular, though.

    People who criticize Edgarhorns usually use words like narrow, beaming, and collapsing directivity. It's all true. If you're not wandering about the room or hosting a party though, they're wonderful. Detailed. Effortless. Natural (no giant ringing metal horn here!).

    They sound good but they've got a long way to go still. I used some giant oil caps in the crossovers that aren't right yet, and the 10" drivers in the Dixielanders are still breaking in. Basically, the mids are incredible, the bass is absent, and the rest needs some time... :)
  13. Arkay

    Arkay Lunatic Member

    Are you sure they are singing, and the pics prove it? Even with my ear right up against the pics on my monitor, I can't hear a thing. Ears must be gettin' old!

    Seriously, those look GORGEOUS! I like the camera angle on that first pic, too... and the room overall looks extremely comfortable and inviting. I think if I had that room around here, I wouldn't get much work done. :no: :D

    Congratulations on a successful culmination to all this work. I've heard Edgarhorns at one show, and know that they are "special"; you must be enjoying your little corner of heaven there! :thmbsp:
  14. Caseworker

    Caseworker Well-Known Member

    Simply amazing! Congrats on getting them completed.
  15. RayW

    RayW Parrothead with a badge Super Mod Subscriber

    Photographic proof that they're singing? Looks like they're just posing to me.
  16. Redboy

    Redboy a few good watts Subscriber

    Okay, you got me on a technicality, fellas! :D

    We spend a lot of time in that room. Behind the couch is a kids' play area, with shelves of toys and games. They bounce on the couch and climb the walls during the day. In the evening after the kids are down, my wife and I watch television and hang out on the couch. I wish our house were large enough to afford me my own listening room, but for now this is what we have. That's why it's important that my wife be okay with this. At the moment, she's rolling with it but I know she doesn't love it.
  17. bricktop

    bricktop Couch woofer

    Very classy, Nate! I'll bet they sound as good as they look.
  18. derekva

    derekva This ain't no picnic... Subscriber

    Very nice! Now all you need is a big subwoofer for the bottom octaves and you're set! :D

  19. doucanoe

    doucanoe Registered Audio Abuser

    Looking good, Nate! They are going to take a bit of horsing around position wise to get them up to their potential. Breaking in the Delta 10A's in those horn cabs is also going to take some time to get them to come around.

    Just be patient and try to keep them running as much as possible even if you are not home. It might be time to break out some SS amplification for a spell so you are not burning up 2A3's during the process.

    Question for you. Are you getting no output or just low LF output from the Fraziers? If your can sticking you ear up to the horn exits on them and hearing nothing, you might want to revisit your crossover. I've been there before.

    Are the tweeters to complete your 3-way next?

  20. RayW

    RayW Parrothead with a badge Super Mod Subscriber

    Looks like I forgot to mention that they look fantastic, Nate. The Edgarhorns I've heard (as demo'd by the man himself) sounded wonderful. I'm sure yours are right there with 'em.

    It appears the only horn support is on the driver. Are they monstrous enough to eliminate the need for support under the salad bowl?

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