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Atec 604 or Tannoy 12 in onken cabinet?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by jon_b, May 18, 2012.

  1. jon_b

    jon_b New Member

    Altec 604 or Tannoy 12 in onken cabinet?

    Please share advice which speakers will perform 3d images (filling of presence), middle and high friquence more beautiful/better? Deep bass is less important for me.

    Altec 604 E (15") in onken cabinets (righ one on drawing) or Tannoy red 12 (1965 year, paper surroundings) in same onken cabinet?

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  2. Billfort

    Billfort Addicted Member

    Newmarket, ON, Canada
    It's going to be pretty hard to find opinions on how those 2 particular speakers would sound in comparison - WAY too many variables.

    I have a little experience listening to various Altec 604s (including Es in similar cabinets) and several Tannoys but not those Tannoys. I recently bought a pair of Tannoys (15" 3836 drivers, EV Aristrocrat cabinets) and directly compared them to my 604Gs - I posted about it here.

    I haven't gone back to the Tannoys (they need more power and different cabinets, maybe crossover work IMO) but for my likes in my system, the 604s win hands-down.
  3. djnagle

    djnagle Lunatic Member

    Waterford, MI
    I, on the other hand, like those 3836 better than the 604s and if I had more money at the time, those would have been in my house not yours Bill:D

    When Bill and I built those, they blew me away.
  4. jon_b

    jon_b New Member

    I heared Tannoys RED 12 in Lancaster cabinets and I was very impressed. Unfortunately they are very expensive and iam still not sure If they worth 4500 usd (ebay prices) just for drivers....
    Never heared Altec 604, but judging from a lot of good replyes here they woth trying...and price for them is more attractive.
    I just want to understand if the difference between them cost the money gap.

    By the way is that correct that old Altec 604 model playes better than new GPA 604 8h II or III?
    Last edited: May 18, 2012

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