Audio Dynamics speakers?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by kkib, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. kkib

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    I got a pair of Audio Dynamics XT-6 bookshelf speakers last weekend at a garage sale. Does anybody have any information about this brand?
  2. mhardy6647

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    No, but...

    ... IIRC, ADC stands for "Audio Dynamics Corporation". Maybe the speakers in question are ADC's? Do a search on eBAY and see if anything turns up.
  3. Toasted Almond

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    Used to be made in Milford, Connecticut. They had a respectable line of speakers. In my opinion, the high point of ADC's speaker offerings was the ADC 303ax. 10" two-way acoustic suspension with a paper cone tweeter. It could compete with the KLH 6, or Advent Loudspeaker. I have a pair on my desk at work, driven by a Pioneer SA-9500. Some reviewers used the 303ax as their reference speakers well into the late 80's.

    Your XT-6's don't show up in the '99 Blue Book. Neither do my 303ax's.

    Almond, Toasted/MSgt, USAF
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    Here's what info I have on y'all's speakers
  5. dderat

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    The store (Lechmere Sales) in whose audio department I worked in the mid 60's carried the ADC line. They were in the same bracket as those of Fisher, HH Scott and AR's. I liked them better. I don't recognize the ones pictured, tho.

    Their TOTL phono cartridges were, IMHO, among the very best. I still use their XLM MK III and actually found a NOS replacement stylus for it (and a cartridge, too, which I bought, as it was only a few dollars more than the stylus) at the Whoodathunkit.

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