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Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by d-ray657, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. gvalent

    gvalent Well-Known Member

    Instead of griping about it, why don't you buy a BFPAG?


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  2. SuperjazzyJa

    SuperjazzyJa 18 Wheel Member

    I already have 2 pieces of BFPAG. Disc player and receiver (in signature). It was a simple matter of venting. I don't mind being in the minority when it comes to personal taste. I am very used to that. Where ever I go, what I have, like, want, etc is the least popular thing going and I am a very unique person. All of this is fine and dandy. All I ask is that if anyone prefers something else, just say, "I prefer this over that" whatever this and that may be. There is no need to say things like, "(insert object of choice) sucks." or refer to something as garbage. I've tested the waters and the same people who shamelessly bash what others like don't handle turnabout well at all. The key is mutual respect. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. :nono: That's what I have been trying to get across to the bashing, disrespectful types. They know who they are. Do you think I'm being unreasonable gvalent?
  3. gvalent

    gvalent Well-Known Member


    First off, I like both vintage and modern gear and I'm not at all offended by your somewhat rude and totally ill conceived rant.

    I looked up your receiver on the net. It doesn't meet your own definition of so called "BFPAG".

    "A very elegant semi gloss black face plate with a minimum of controls. For an integrated amp or stand alone preamp, the ideal face plate would contain a power switch, source/function/input selector switch, volume control, variable loudness control and a mini LED power indicator. For a receiver, just add a tuner display and controls."

    "Minimum of controls"? - You have 27 buttons & knobs on your face plate.
    "Elegant"? - looks like any of dozens of black faced receivers made over the last two decades.

    I've got a well regarded late '70s TOL silver faced receiver in my office. I think it sounds great. It has fewer knobs and switches than your receiver and I think it really does look elegant.

    FWIW my main systems pre-amp face plate has a power button, selection switch & volume control. Oh.. and a single LED power light. Which makes this an absolutely awesome piece, right?
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  4. shacky

    shacky Addicted Member

    Rochester, NY
    OK what's BFPAG?
  5. SuperjazzyJa

    SuperjazzyJa 18 Wheel Member

    That's my definition of "ideal". No where did I claim that my receiver fits this definition to a T. It's flat black, not semi gloss and it has more controls than I require. It does however, have a lot less controls than a lot of vintage pieces. In addition, the controls it does have are a lot more discrete visually speaking than the huge knobs and switches of the earlier gear. Also, one must look at what the controls of each unit are for. On mine, there is a channel balance for left, right and sub, pure direct and zone 2 and 3 controls. On older units, there are all sorts of filters and things that directly impose character, color and veils on the signal.

    More to the point though, is that my first post in this thread is directed at people who bash modern gear. You stated that you like both vintage and modern gear. Therefore, you shouldn't be guilty of bashing either. Correct? So, the post wasn't directed at you which brings up the question, why do you feel the need to get all defensive when the post has nothing to do with you?
  6. SuperjazzyJa

    SuperjazzyJa 18 Wheel Member

    Black face plated AWESOME gear.


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  7. Drugolf

    Drugolf AK Subscriber Subscriber

    IPA = yummy
  8. michaelhigh

    michaelhigh mind's eye music

    Lenzburg, IL
    Scroe is more than score misspelled.

    It has entered the lexicon of American, if not international, parlance as a dream trip to GW or SA!

    These acronyms have been instituted into our collective conscousness as well. :yes:
  9. Bill Ashton

    Bill Ashton AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Massachusetts
    Did I miss it? SWMBO = "She Who Must Be Obeyed"
  10. sqlsavior

    sqlsavior AK Subscriber Subscriber

    EspaƱola NM
    That cleartext comes to me eventually, but after Single White Male w/ Body Odor... :(

    Here are some more, referring to phono cartridges:

    MM - Moving Magnet - a cartridge design where the magnet is attached to the cantilever and moves with the stylus, while the coils are fixed in place.
    MC - Moving Coil - a cartridge design where the coils are attached to the cantilever and move with the stylus, while the magnets are fixed in place.
    MM cartridges are the most common type, usually with replaceable styli - actually assemblies of stylus, cantilever, and magnet.
    MC cartridges do not have user-replaceable styli, because removing the stylus/cantilever/coil assembly would break the tiny coil wires.
    MI - Moving Iron - a cartridge design where both magnets and coils are fixed in place and a stylus/cantilever/iron assembly moves.
    HOMC - High Output Moving Coil - MC with output above 1 mV, enough to drive a typical MM phono section without a step-up device.
    LOMC - Low Output Moving Coil - MC with output below 1 mV, requiring a step-up device to be used with typical MM phono sections.
    step-up device - an amplifier or transformer that goes between the cartridge and a typical MM phono section - either a head amp, or SUT
    head amp or pre-preamp (PPA) - an active (powered) amplifier for LOMC cartridges, enabling their use with a typical MM phono section, often battery powered
    SUT - Step-Up Transformer - a transformer used to increase the voltage of a LOMC cartridge passively, without powered amplification


    TVC - Transformer Volume Control - an attenuator built without resistors or potentiometers, by using a step-down transformer with multiple taps, one for each desired volume setting. Also refers to a passive preamp combining source selection with TVC attenuation.

    EQ - EQualization - the intentional alteration of frequency response. The most typical EQ are tone controls. Fancier equalizers used as tone controls have multiple bands ("graphic" equalizers, where the slider positions draw a crude frequency response graph), or are parametric, with center, width, and height controls for one or more user-configurable bands. All phono preamps have an equalization circuit built in, to attenuate the (pre-boosted) treble and boost the (pre-attenuated) bass used of necessity when cutting the record masters. This usage of equalization may be the origin of the term - to make the bass and treble equal again.
    RIAA Curve - before being known for lawsuits, the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) was best known for standardizing record EQ between manufacturers with the "RIAA curve". All phono preamps implement the inverse of the RIAA curve as an essential part of their functionality.

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  11. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK
    IOW - no, not 'Isle Of Wight' but 'In Other Words' :)


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  12. Mystic

    Mystic We're all born mad

    Ligne Maginot
    ROIO: Recording of Independent Origin

    - a term that occurs frequently @ discussions of "live" recordings posted in our Music foums.
  13. Dave_1962

    Dave_1962 Lunatic Member

    Ontario, Canada
    BFM = Bibles For Missions a chain of thrift stores here in Ontario, Canada. (I don't know if they are in the states or other provinces) I scored a Technics cassette deck there for $5 a month ago.
  14. chef free

    chef free AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hayward, Ca
    I thought that meant Recordings Of Indeterminate Origin.
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  15. Bassblaster

    Bassblaster Super Member

    Cambridge, Ohio
    Wooger, lol
  16. JimPA

    JimPA Distinguished Member

    Grover's Corner PA.
    T-line instead of transmission line.


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  17. miles12

    miles12 Member

    the south of france
    from FRANCE,I often see "thmbsp",but I don't know what it means!
    thanks for the information!
  18. mech986

    mech986 This Custom Title box has a 50 character limit. Subscriber

    Here on AK it probably means "thumbs up" as in well done! Or a positive greeting. Also, in the old software, it was a shortcut used to give a smilie, as in :thmbsp which would give :thumbsup:. The new software gives that smilie directly.
  19. miles12

    miles12 Member

    the south of france
  20. hemi426

    hemi426 New Member

    golden valley, MN
    I have a Sansui G-7500 on my bench. Tuner sticks, plastic gears are stipping. Any thoughts? Rick

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