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Discussion in 'Turntables' started by scottyh777, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. scottyh777

    scottyh777 Super Member

    I recieved a audio-technica AT-OC9/III today and mounted it on my Clearaudio Concept.I owned the OC9 version 2 a few years back and wanted to hear the version 3 for a while now.Anyway, great sounding cart as always.I think version 2 tracking was 1.5.The new is 2 grams.Version 3 also uses Boron materials.

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  2. pioneervato

    pioneervato Lunatic Member

    So how best would you describe the sound from the OC9/III with your current setup compared to anything else you have used in the past regarding MC or MM carts?
  3. scottyh777

    scottyh777 Super Member

    Thats a hard question for me to answer.I have several tables and all have MM carts and I have always been a fan of MM carts.It's my preference.I have tried several other MC carts before but always came back to MM.I always had a soft spot for the AT OC9 becuase of the bang for the buck and I just dig the sound it produces.The cart it replaced was a Clearaudio Maestro MM.I can't say definitidely is one is better than the other.I am looking foward to some more breakin with the AT OC9.The Maestro is twice as much as the AT and that I can't tell which is better makes the OC9 a great value in my eyes.Fortunately my Musical Surroundings has dip switches for the gain and load as the OC9 is low output.So, my main turntable I will use both the Maestro and OC9 and probably switch off from time to time.In my mancave I have 5 TT's all with MM carts.Grace 9E and 9L,Shure V15 IV,Shure V15 VxMR,Clearaudio Concept MM.
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  4. DaveThreshol

    DaveThreshol More Q's than A's.....

    Can you give us an update of your opinion of the OC9-3 cartridge? I am looking at buying a new one, and this is on my list of possibilities. :)
  5. UncleAng

    UncleAng First Love.... Marantz!

    Scotty put about 50 hours on it then let us know. Thanks
  6. 240sx4u

    240sx4u AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Scotty bought that cartridge in 2011. I hope he's got 50 on it already!
  7. UncleAng

    UncleAng First Love.... Marantz!

    Thanks... never thought of looking to see when it was first posted.
  8. slovell

    slovell Active Member

    Looks like Scotty was beamed up. I've been thinking of buying the AT-OC9ML/ll myself and been curious as to how it compares to the Denon DL-301mkll I'm presently using.
  9. tnsilver

    tnsilver Lorem ipsum Subscriber

    I'm very curious myself. Never been a fan of AT and I got a general phobia of MC carts. My wife got an Ortofon Rondo Bronze for which we're still paying because we had to upgrade our pre-amp and get a proper step up. I'm not sorry but now we've got too many turntables (five actually - all of which are variations of the Thorens TD-160) and I need some good carts. I was thinking, naturally for me, about the Ortofon 2M Bronze or Black. I wonder how the OC9/III compares???
  10. static14

    static14 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The OC9/MLIII is a clear step up from the 2M Bronze and a Concorde with a 40 stylus (basically an om40). More detail then either of those, wider/deeper soundstage, and less surface noise. It's also the best tracking cart I've ever had.

    I know the MLII was accused of being overly bright but I can tell you the III is not in the least.
  11. tnsilver

    tnsilver Lorem ipsum Subscriber

    Great answer! :thmbsp: Straightforward, decisive and clear. Thanks.

    I will go for it just on account of this reply because the rest of the answers I got all over the world are illusive and lame and introduce more variables into the formula rather than attempt to solve it.


  12. static14

    static14 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Since you're in Boston you're welcome to stop by and give it a listen if you'd like!
  13. jblnut

    jblnut Vintage Audio Nut Subscriber

    The 33EV is a fine choice as well - do some reading about both and decide which "sound" you are after...

  14. DaveThreshol

    DaveThreshol More Q's than A's.....

    Yes, I also took the plunge and bought an OC9-3, after asking about it above. I then bought a Threshold Fet-10e phono preamp. (about $700 delivered, EBay) The combination of the two is jaw dropping. I’ve never heard any of my vinyl sound this good. I think the proper MC transformer will do away with the extra back ground noise, which IS a little bit audible, and give me an early entrance in to audio heaven.

    What kind of step-up are you using? I’m very interested to know that. Choosing the right one without being able to audition them can get complicated. There are varying opinions on whether they should be resistance loaded etc. Right now, I am looking at the Rothwell MCL.
  15. a.wayne

    a.wayne Active Member

    At that price (700) you got just the phono stage .. ?
  16. DaveThreshol

    DaveThreshol More Q's than A's.....

    Yes, it's phono only, and then plugs in to the HL on a regular preamp. It listed for $3,250 back in it's day, and has gold plated circuit boards for longevity. Normal EBay on that unit is more like $900-$1,000, but I lucked out.
  17. arcorob

    arcorob Addicted Member

    Hey Guess what !!!

    I had an OC9/III..beautiful...Yes, people know how I raved about the OC9/III...Loved it ...umm...till yesterday...please sit down for this...feel free to cry if needed...

    Yes I HAD and OC9/III until yesterday when I was mounting it on my brand new ClearAudio Concept table...and snapped the stylus off...

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffff F- ME !!! :tears::tears::tears:

    Appropriate time to play Another One Bites the Dust.

    In the interim, I mounted my AT150Mlx. and ordered an AT33EV. Why ? Because that sucker is the same as the AT33PTG/II which started this whole mess months ago..long story..
  18. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Crying for you. Been there, done that - sucks :tears:
  19. DaveThreshol

    DaveThreshol More Q's than A's.....

    Oh Man. You have my condolences. This might make you feel better. LOL Years ago, I bought a bunch of gear from defunct Musicraft in Oak Park, Il. He hand selected a Shure V15-5MR, and I took it out like a dumb-ass to look at it. I had like a nervous reaction or something, and almost dropped it. I snapped it off right in front of the salesman, AFTER I paid for it. Had to buy a new stylus for a new cart.

    ETA: The stylus protector on the OC9-3 SUCKS. To put it on, it's like you are risking wrecking the stylus by the way that the, "Protector" goes on to it. They should rename it the stylus destroyer. LOL I also just bought a Grado Ref-sonata, used, and the protector on that is very well implemented. I also still have a BP-Evo-3, which can't be fitted with one. The stylus on that sticks out as if it is asking for it.
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  20. arcorob

    arcorob Addicted Member

    And its not my first..

    Hate it when approx. $600 goes POOF...It was really because the damn connectors are so tight..was using my usual special need nose pliers. Got to the last connector (they were all tough)...SLIP..UGGGG.

    I wish these companies would spend an extra 5 bucks on the connectors I got when I bought my litz wire kit ! They go on easy, snug up, and come off easy. These :


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