Audio Technica Studio Reference 8008 for $10

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by wizargoz, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. wizargoz

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    So- what are the odds of finding this for $12.99 (with 20% off) at the Goodwill today? First- and probably the last- time I'll see a decent TT cartridge at a thrift store- nice price too! Playing it right now- and it sounds mighty fine. Not quite as detailed as my AT440MLa, but it seems to punch up the 60's psychedelic rock LP's better. I like it! :thmbsp:

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  2. kbs48

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    Those are very rare good find,last one I saw went for 160.00.I use one for my CD-4 LP's and it needed a breakin period it will only get better.AKA AT331LP
  3. SA-708

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    Is that a p-mount?
  4. hakaplan

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    That's an amazing score! Absolutely a winner. And yes, SA-708, it is p-mount.
  5. lini

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    wizargos: Completely new old stock or already used? If it's the former, I'm jealous - if the latter, not so much, as I've recently scored a NOS Ortofon 320U on the bay for 6 Euro. ;) That's also a "universal mount" (i.e., a T4P/P-Mount that comes with additional half-inch-adaptor), but with a nude FineLine instead of the bonded LinearContact needle on the AT331LP/8008...

    Greetings from Munich!

    Manfred / lini
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