Audiodon has left us...

Discussion in 'AK News' started by LexDM3, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Mystic

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    Ligne Maginot
    Baruch Dayan Ha'emet. Alav hashalom.
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  2. Dude111

    Dude111 Analogue is Awesome

    Very sad :(
  3. Dmitry

    Dmitry Jazz Freak Subscriber

    Rhode Island, USA
    I'm sorry that I stumbled upon this news just now.... While I don't have the honor of calling Don my friend, he was the only one I came to know on a personal level from posting on the AK. He fixed my SET amp for me; I went to his house in Arlington once or twice, and he came to deliver the repaired amp to my house in RI once, on his way to visit his oldest daughter. We spoke on the phone and exchanged PMs a few times, and after his diagnosis I saw him once in Clinton at the Frankenfest. He was an interesting person with deep-held beliefs, and a vast amount of knowledge about audio. He had two very young daughters, and I would be more than eager to contribute to a 'go fund me' for them.
    His family must have suffered immensely for the past 3 years. For a young child to witness a parent slowly succumbing to this terrible condition is a memory that would haunt one forever.
    I'm glad Don isn't suffering any more, and neither are his loved ones.
  4. Art K.

    Art K. The Voodoo You Do! Subscriber

    Corvallis, Or
    I'm slow and just saw this. RIP, Don.
  5. LexDM3

    LexDM3 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Arlington, MA
    An update on an old thread. I received a message from Don's youngest daughter the other day. She was missing her Dad and decided to read about him in this thread. She was really pleased to read all of the wonderful comments that AK people have left here about her Dad.

    I called her up and we had a nice discussion. I told her that her Dad was well regarded in the AK community for being very good with tubes and with system setup and tuning. But I told her that I thought he was even better known as being a really nice, generous and helpful guy to so many of us.

    I'm missing my good friend Don right now and so are his kids and wife. My thanks to all of you for helping his family find some peace through reading all of your kind comments.
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  6. sgmlaw

    sgmlaw Well-Known Member

    Don was always a kind and gentle voice on this and other enthusiast sites over the years. Never a cross word for anyone, and encouraging to all. Exuberance and civility, always. His conversations always drew a crowd, and he assisted many a novice are my fondest recollections.

    I always enjoyed our many conversations about Fisher and other vintage tube equipment over the years, here and elsewhere, and regret that we never were able to meet.

    I only learned of Don’s passing in the last few days, as I do not visit these places regularly anymore. His is a voice that will be deeply missed.
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  7. Wharfcreek

    Wharfcreek AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Baltimore, MD
    Like many, I too just became aware of the sad news. And, like many, I too had a lot of great conversations and exchanges with Don in past years, and offer my deepest and sincerest condolences to the family. Don will be missed! A GREAT AK member, a great guy, and may he rest in peace and his family find peace as well. WC
  8. Urchinn

    Urchinn AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Damn...what a freakin' nice guy! Great taste in movies and music, eager to explain his love of Fisher tube equipment (and Spendor speakers), and, always, enthusiastic. About five years ago, I came to inherit some old equipment...including a beautiful Fisher 500c. Someone suggested I have it looked at, or even restored, by the infamous Audiodon (who lived just an hour from my house). Arrangements were made, and about five months later, I stopped at his house to pick up my TOTALLY restored amp...and I got a real lesson in how painstaking his restoration was. Anyway, so damn sorry to hear about this. A great guy, a model AK member, and he will be missed by anyone who met him. Damn!
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