B&W DM2 Series II

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by EVGuy, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. EVGuy

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    I picked up a real nice pair over the weekend. So far I'm impressed. I can't find too much info on them as far as when they made this model, and any specs on them. Anybody have any info about them or can steer me to a web site or something? Thanks
  2. Snade

    Snade humble AK member

  3. Saint Johnny

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    Orion says:
    DM-2/ series II
    $1050 pr. MSRP

    The B&W archive site did have info on my DM-5's which are of the same vintage.
    EDIT:It's there. It's listed as DM2 MK2
  4. Snade

    Snade humble AK member

    Ah, you are right. There they are. I missed them scanning the archive listing.

    The cabinet design is very similar to my DM14 speakers.

    I've found my B&Ws speakers really sing with a good amp. I recently connected them to my Carver amp (over 200 watts per) and am amazed at the sound - full range, accurate, no distortion.
  5. RayW

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    http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/Utili...2_Manual_l2_w0_h0.pdf&name=DM2 MK2 Manual.pdf

    That's a hefty link. :yes:

    Snade, you just didn't go down far enough. It's listed with the "DM series".
    *edit - I was typing while you replied, sorry*

    I have a pair of them and I like 'em. Do you have the stands or plinths for them? I have neither and find them to be a bit boomy in the bass. I need to make some stands and put them up a little. The lit has response curves for various setups. I haven't done any critical A/B against anything else and mostly they get video duty on my 2nd system.

  6. Snade

    Snade humble AK member

    Ray, I've got the stands on my DM14s and the bass is not boomy. And since I connected them to an amp with some power, I find they sound terrific. When I had them connected to a vintage receiver, they did not sound that memorable.
  7. jhal

    jhal Titanium Bliss

    I also have a pair with the stands and I absolutely love them. The imaging is awesome, even in the square room that I am forced to have them in. They really sing with my Kenwood KA801, soaking up everything it has to offer and asking for more. Not the most efficient speakers (85db/w/m), they need at least 100watts/ch to start sounding good IMO.
  8. gearhound

    gearhound Lunatic Member

    I have a pair of DM12s on 25" DIY stands.
    These thinks need mucho power to sound good.
    A 48 wpc Sherwood S8900A couldn't do it.
    A 60 wpc Denon RDA600 couldn't do it.
    It took a 105 wpc B&K ST-140 amp to make them sing!?

  9. EVGuy

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  10. EVGuy

    EVGuy Active Member

    I don't know if these are the plinths or the stands.:scratch2: What's the difference? I hope this pic link thing works.

  11. Snade

    Snade humble AK member

    Those are the B&W stands. They connect by 4 screws to the bottom of the cabinet.

    That's what you want, they sound good with the stands.

    Place them about 3 feet out from the back wall and connect them to an amp with over 100 watts per and you should be smiling.

    Also, they use rubber surrounds on the woofer and midrange, so you won't need to replace them like so many speakers of that era.

    Cheers, Snade
  12. EVGuy

    EVGuy Active Member

    Thanks for the link and all the info. :thmbsp: Right now I'm powering them with my 35watt HK A500 tube amp and they really sound great, but I guess I'll have to break out one of the bigger SS amps to really test them out.
    BTW Snade, I see we're both in the western burbs of Chgo. I'm way out in Earlville about 45 miles west of Naperville.
  13. attilio

    attilio New Member

    I've got a pair of B&W DMII MK2 speakers, but one of the wooden base units is broken.

    Does anyone have a spare one they want to sell? Or know where to get one? B&W don't do replacements.

    Many thanks.

  14. Tripod

    Tripod Well-Known Member

    I still have a pair of DM330's. They look cheaper made than the DM2's. I play them with a 90's Arcam s/s amp and they sound OK. Anyone using them?

  15. Ohighway

    Ohighway AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I've got a pair of DM 2's a guy gave me many years ago. They're still sitting out in the garage....never tried to fire them up. I was told one had a bad crossover but really don't know.

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  16. gearhound

    gearhound Lunatic Member


    Those B&W DM-2's are seriously good speakers!
    You should check them out.
    IF....one does have a bad Xover.....it's generally a pretty easy fix.
    You could contact B&W customer service IF you can't read the values on the Xover components.

  17. those sure look nice and probably sound good to boot. I have DM602s about 9 yrs old up on 18" stands and they to sound good. Drive em with a 65 watt sansui Intg. amp. But they're just 2 way in black cabs.
  18. Boonaroo

    Boonaroo Well-Known Member

    Is that a Corvair sitting in your garage also? How long since it has been fired up?

    Mine has been sitting on stands in the garage for about 7 years, my Corvair, that is.
  19. Ohighway

    Ohighway AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Good eye Boonaroo. Yeah, it's a 1968 Corvair convertible, 110 engine, powerglide trans. Just under 27k miles. (Though even with that the body has some issues thanks to it living in Ohio mostly) Hasn't been fired up in.... probably 8 years or more. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't have bought it. I'd have been better off with a 1966 or 1967 'Vair with a 4-speed.

    Which Corvair do you own?

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  20. robobxman

    robobxman Roll me away tonight...

    Are those tube amps on the right-side cabinet in the second pic? I'm not smart enough to id them ... but it's fun looking for hidden gems in your photos Ohighway!

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