Backing up library from file on JRiver23??

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Huck, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. rwartner

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    Setting the values to 48,000 Hz was required by the application. I could not set it to 44. Would get error message.

    It is easier to set all of them at once rather than going down the list. For what I am doing - Redbook it made the most sense.
    In reality it only does a couple anyway because it doesn't go higher than that.

    How you want to set things is up to you. I would experiment. There are many menu choices, I recommend going through all of them.
    I am showing some of the ones that I think should be considered. Trying to think of things that might make a difference to the original problem.

    You definitely want to go to device settings and find the driver that works best for your DAC. There should be a list to pick from.

    Then check these settings. Maybe you need to alter Buffering.



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  2. JoeESP9

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    You have to set Windows to output the same sampling rate as the file. Otherwise it defaults to 48KHz.

    I use external DAC's. One is an Emotiva XDA-2, one is a HiFiMe DIY Sabre DAC and another is a Behringer UCA-222. All of the music players I have tried and/or installed allow for setting the output bit/sampling rate the same as the file. It's possible that I can do this because I use external DAC's. All the players I use (JRiver, Foobar, Media Monkey, Music Bee, Nightingale) have a setting for outputting a file in the same format in which it's recorded.
  3. Alobar

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    SE Alaska
    I always listen to JRiver with volume leveling on as I mostly listen to randomized playlists and having one song with a dynamic range of 15 or so will have me turning up the volume, while the next is under 9 and will be blasting, again having to turn down the volume. I always hate chasing the volume knob and since JRiver uses the DR (R128) rating for each track to determine the right volume setting it doesn't mess with the tracks natural dynamic range but just the volume. This feature has probably saved my marriage as my wife always hates it when it is suddenly too loud!
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  4. Huck

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    I am using the non default setting of WASAPI.Thanks,Huck
  5. abpeep

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    I was having problems the last few days with music just stopping while playing through JRiver 22. This was only since getting a new preamp with DAC (Parasound P5) and setting it up last Friday. I did not have a problem using a FiiO E10K DAC/HP amp for the last few months. It may be related to the length of the USB cable but I have not had a chance to investigate that yet.

    It would play for a while, then quit playing or, if I stopped it before it quit, it would be very distorted when I started it back up, sometimes only a couple of hours. Only restarting the PC would resolve the issue for a short time. After playing with all the setup in JRiver, I pretty much came to the conclusion that it was related to the PC (Windows 8.1). A little research turned up a number of hits for optimizing the PC for audio playback. The most comprehensive list I found was related to setting up Serato DJ systems -

    After performing all the tasks listed yesterday, I have not had any problems - that's not to say that it won't start up again later but when I opened it this morning, there is still no problem. Before, I would have had to restart my PC this AM. The problem with this is it basically overrides all your energy saver functions. I will probably try to go back and set the sleep functions again and see if the problem returns but for right now, in the short term, it seems that everything is working properly.

  6. Alobar

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    SE Alaska
    I had a lot of issues playing music through my win 10 machine, from dropped play to several different types of distortion including slightly speeded up playback to rapid skipping etc. I was ready to shit can my PC and get a new one when I read about jrivers raspberry pi3 plug and play setup. Now all music stored on my NAS drive is played through the RPi and not ever so much as a hiccup! I still control everything graphically from my PC but going through the Ethernet the RPi is isolated from the noisy RF PC.

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